Real estate marketing has become a crucial factor when it comes to selling homes in today’s market. With the rise of digital marketing, real estate agents can now reach a wider range of potential buyers and show them properties from the comfort of their sofas. 

Over 90% of all home buyers start their search online. This means that having a strong online presence is crucial for agents to attract potential buyers. 

Utilizing high-quality photos, walkthrough videos, and virtual tours can make a significant difference in how quickly a home sells, which is the main topic of this interview with Devon Higgins, CMO & Managing Partner at PhotoUp.

Before we dive into the interview, let’s start with a short presentation of the podcast, Keeping It Real.

About Keeping It Real Podcast

Photo Marketing Strategies For Your Listings - Keeping It Real Podcast Interview With Devon Higgins

Keeping It Real Podcast was founded by D.J. Paris and his real estate firm which currently hosts over 800 brokers and thousands of agents. 

D.J. Paris decided to start Keeping It Real to give all agents an opportunity to tell their stories and share their secrets to success.

He saw this as an excellent opportunity to help educate and connect agents through his real estate firm and podcast.  

Interview With Devon Higgins – Keeping It Real Podcast

Photo Marketing Strategies For Your Listings - Podcast Interview With Devon Higgins

In the podcast, Keeping It Real, D.J. Paris interviews our CMO & Managing Partner at PhotoUp & Folio Websites, Devon Higgins.

In this episode, Devon shares lots of interesting insights about his journey as a digital marketer and how he ended up working with real estate agents.

According to Devon, professional marketing is absolutely essential for real estate agents. Investing more money on technology can help agents in this competitive industry stay ahead of the game. 

And this doesn’t just apply to having a great website either – making high-quality videos for listings is becoming increasingly important.

Devon emphasized the importance of using videos to stay in touch with potential buyers and communicate more effectively.

“Listings with video get about a 400% increase in engagement than those without.”

Devon Higgins, CMO & Managing Partner at PhotoUp

Lastly, Devon also talks about the app, AgentUp, that he and his company have created and how it is becoming more agent central in advertising. This app is quickly becoming the go-to platform for advertising real estate listings. 

With everything centralized in one place, agents can save a ton of time and effort when it comes to promoting their listings. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this mindblowing interview!

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