Do you want to know how to easily find home buyers in your area to help grow your real estate business?

In 2021, 97% of home buyers used the internet to search for homes. These are hot leads you as an agent should tap into. But how do you do it?

In this post, we’ll show you 6 easy ways to find home buyers online and in your local area to help you grow your real estate business!

6 Ways to Find Home Buyers in Your Area

Generating real estate buyer leads consistently is the single most effective way to increase your business’ profits and sets you apart from other agents.

And best of all, doing so doesn’t have to be costly. 

There are a variety of methods for attracting real estate leads organically, advertising online and offline, hosting events, or using paid lead generation services.

So, let’s dive in and explore 6 ways to attract more buyers. 

1. Engage With Your Social Media Audience

find home buyers through social media

Many real estate agents treat social media like any other marketing outlet.

You describe your listing, load your pictures, pay your fees (if doing paid advertising), then sit back and wait for the leads. 

This, however, is not a winning strategy for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Because buyers are on these platforms looking for more than just static posts — they’re looking for interaction:

  • The point of social media is meant to be social.
  • People go on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms looking to interact and engage with people.

So, make sure you’re regularly adding new connections every week with people in your community.

Interact with their posts, make comments, and engage with them.

You can do this by:

  • Finding Facebook Groups you can contribute to, and be a resource to people there.
  • Following hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Letting others know you’re available and have good things to add to every conversation.

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2. Become a Zillow Premier Agent

become a Zillow agent

If you want to get buyers, you need to be where the buyers spend their time.

Zillow is the most visited real estate website. And buyers spend a lot of time searching for homes on Zillow.

According to Zillow, more than 186 homes are viewed every second on their site. 

Zillow’s Premier Agent (ZPA) program has many perks, including the following: 

  • As a ZPA, you’re the only agent displayed on your listings and buyers contact you directly for more information.
  • Your profile will also display on non-Premier Agent listings in your area, giving you additional visibility to prospective buyers.
  • You also have access to Zillow’s new Live Connections program, allowing you to connect to potential buyers directly in real-time.

So, check out Zillow’s programs and see if they’ll work for you.

3. Brand Yourself With High-Quality Real Estate Photography

brand yourself with high-quality real estate photography

How you market your listings matters to your sellers. But it also matters to your potential buyers. 

When buyers look at homes, the quality of the photography, descriptions, and other marketing materials makes an impression. 

In the minds of many buyers, if you’re providing high-quality service to your sellers, you likely treat your buyers with the same care and effort.

This being the case, your marketing efforts and materials say as much about you as an agent as they do your listings.

High-quality real estate photography, sharp property fliers, virtual staging, and virtual tours, all work hard to establish your brand and attract more home buyers.

Let PhotoUp’s top-level real estate marketing services improve your game and help you get more buyers. 

4. Find Home Buyers Within Your Sphere of Influence

use sphere of influence to find home buyers in your area

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of all buyers in 2021 used an agent that they either knew from their sphere of influence (SOI) or were referred to by someone in their sphere. 

Your SOI includes all the people who already know you — friends, loved ones, and both personal and professional acquaintances.

More specifically: 

  • These are people who already know you and trust you, and who know about your expertise in the local housing market.
  • Therefore, your contact list is a rich lead source — one that most real estate agents don’t take full advantage of.
  • And frequent contact with your sphere ensures that you stay in their minds as a real estate resource. 

You don’t need to make a direct sales pitch every time you reach out.

Instead, keep relationships genuine, make referrals yourself, and occasionally remind people in your SOI that you would love to be of service should they have any questions.

Further, consider using events with your SOI as part of a fantastic marketing strategy.

Here are examples of events you can leverage to find more home buyers:

  • Host first-time homebuyer and seller seminars.
  • Plan a neighborhood meet-and-greet event or a block party.
  • Host a housewarming party for your buyer’s new home.

Let’s talk about the housewarming event in more detail next.

5. Leverage House Envy

leverage house envy

New house envy is a real thing, especially for people who are planning on purchasing a home.

You cater and plan the event and your client can invite their friends and family to see their new home. 

This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your client’s friends and family — all possible clients.

Of course, not every event needs to be in person. Events can be held online using Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or through pop-up Facebook groups. 

When planning an event to attract homebuyers, make sure it gives you a chance to showcase your expertise, and that it’s an event worth attending.

Events like these give potential buyers a chance to meet you in person without obligation and show them your expertise in the field. 

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6. Use Single Property Websites to Capture Quality Leads

single property websites
PhotoUp Single Property Websites

One last tip!

Single property websites with built-in lead capture forms are a fantastic and effective way to meet potential buyers. 

A single property website from PhotoUp is easy and quick to create — and these sites feature lead-capture technology!

You get to showcase your listing without distractions, using professionally edited photography, virtual staging, and even virtual tours.

Even better, with a single property website you can:

  • Include exclusive and detailed information about the listing.
  • Capture buyer leads interested in your listing using our integrated contact forms.
  • Easily share your listing on social media and get prospective home buyers to contact you directly via your social media networks.
  • Get buyers to easily locate the property and schedule a viewing with Google Maps Integration.
  • Boost rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • And much more.

The Bottom Line

So, here’s the bottom line – If you want to succeed in real estate, you’re going to need a steady stream of leads every week. 

Sign up with PhotoUp today, and let us help you grow your business with more home buyer leads! 

We hope this post helped you learn how to easily find home buyers in your area. If you found this post useful, you may also want to explore the following resources: