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Are you looking into Home Junction real estate websites and want to see if there’s a better option out there?

Real estate websites are an excellent marketing tool to promote a home for sale. Each website, dedicated to just one property, typically include high-quality photos, video tours, property information, and floor plans — all without distractions from other agents, properties, or vendors. 

In this post, we’ll help your decision-making by comparing two popular website platforms – Home Junction real estate websites vs PhotoUp single property website – to see which is better.

But first, let’s take a look at what a real estate website is.

What Is a Real Estate Website?

PhotoUp single property website

A real estate website, also called a single property website or single listing site is a highly focused marketing tool to call out all the features and amenities of a listing.

Not only do single property websites sell houses — they promote an agent’s real estate business by featuring branding and contact details, while also capturing buyer information and potential leads.

Many companies offer agents the ability to create single property websites, but how should an agent choose from among the many options?

Let’s help make the decision process a bit easier by comparing two popular website platforms, Home Junction vs PhotoUp next.

Home Junction Real Estate Websites vs PhotoUp

We’re going to compare these two companies’ website platforms by looking at the following items:

  • Ease of site creation
  • Pricing
  • Turnaround times
  • And the overall quality of the websites

But first, let’s quickly look at each company’s background.

1. Company Background

Home Junction offers a variety of real estate marketing products including custom real estate websites.

Home Junction homepage

They rely on the WordPress platform and offer several real estate themes, WordPress real estate plugins, data widgets, and more.

PhotoUp is a global real estate marketing company offering a full range of services, including real estate photo editing, virtual staging, video editing, and single property websites

PhotoUp single property websites

PhotoUp’s single property websites use an in-house software platform that currently features 6 professionally designed real estate themes

Now, let’s compare the set-up processes. 

2. Setup Process

It’s a bit difficult to get started with Home Junction since their “Get Started” button only takes you to a contact form. You can’t just sign up and get started right away like with PhotoUp’s single property websites.

Home Junction contact us page

Once you get setup with an account, Home Junction real estate websites don’t require any programming skills, but familiarity with WordPress is definitely an advantage. 

Overall, their set-up process wasn’t difficult, but it was slightly time-consuming. 

Some other details to consider:

  • They offer many ways to customize the website 
  • There are many plugins and add-on options
  • And they offer lead capture and user-data analysis

Home Junction’s websites are highly customizable, but all the options end up making the creation process a bit confusing.

In contrast to Home Junction, PhotoUp’s user-friendly platform makes it extremely easy to create a single property website. To see how easy it is to get started, check out PhotoUp’s virtual staging uploader tutorial:

In addition, their sites also feature:

  • 6 professionally designed themes that can be branded with double agent information, logos, business colors, and other information
  • Abundant space to highlight a property’s special features, as well as including information on the neighborhood and local schools
  • Pre-installed lead capture forms, and clear CTA buttons of, for example, “Request Viewing” to easily get access to homebuyers contact information
  • The ability to add an unlimited amounts of images, great-looking floor plans, 3D tours, and digital flyers

With PhotoUp, the uploading functions are fast and easy, as is entering detailed property information. The customer is led, step-by-step and the whole process takes around 5 minutes

Next, let’s look at pricing.

3. Real Estate Website Pricing

A major downside is that Home Junction does not post any public pricing information. But here are a few details we could discover:

  • They charge a monthly hosting fee
  • It appears there is a set-up fee as well
  • Pricing can vary significantly based on the services selected
  • But on a good note, they give 25% discount on the setup fee

The lack of pricing information is a bit off-putting and the service does appear to be somewhat expensive.

In comparison, PhotoUp uses a credit system to make payments as easy as possible. Best of all, when signing up you’ll get 10 free credits, meaning that you’ll get your first website for free!

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

Here are their pricing details:

  • A single property website with PhotoUp starts as low as 9 credits ($9) per site (your first site will be free of charge if you decide to apply your 10 free credits on a single property website)
  • You can add a beautifully designed digital flyer for only $1.00
  • Free hosting for 6 months 

So, with PhotoUp you get a stunning website, an impressive digital flyer, and 6 months of hosting for only $10.

You can’t beat that!

With that said, let’s compare turn-around times next.

4. Turn-Around Times

Both providers let a real estate agent create a website usable on the same day. However, there are fairly significant differences in turnaround time:

  • With so many options for add-ons, Home Junction’s real estate websites will likely take an agent an hour or more to create 
  • PhotoUp’s single property website can be created in less than 10 minutes, likely even faster

Finally, let’s compare website quality.

5. Overall Real Estate Website Quality

Based on sample sites and customer feedback, both Home Junction and PhotoUp produce appealing, high-quality sites. 

Home Junction’s real estate websites look polished and professional. But given the myriad of customization add-ons, it’s easy for an agent to overload a site, making it look cluttered and confusing. 

Home Junction real estate websites
Image Source:

Sometimes, less is more. 

PhotoUp’s single property websites are certainly flexible and are easily customized and branded. But their simplicity lends itself to an elegant and sophisticated look and feel.

single property websites lux theme
PhotoUp Single Property Websites: Theme Lux

Perhaps an even more important consideration, PhotoUp’s impressive-looking single property websites are a reflection of their long track record of expertise in real estate marketing, especially photo editing and virtual staging

The Results – Which Real Estate Website Platform Is Best?

Now that we’ve given an overview of both services, let’s review our comparisons of these two property website providers to see which one is the better option.

Both Home Junction and PhotoUp offer high-quality property websites with many of the same features and services.  Both companies offer polished, professional-looking sites. 

However, PhotoUp’s site is easier to create an account with and use.  Home Junction’s sites require more time to create and are a bit complicated to work with. 

Perhaps more importantly, PhotoUp is less expensive, charging less for the same or similar services. 

So, why pay more if you don’t have to?

Therefore, in terms of ease of use, turnaround time, and price — we think PhotoUp is the better option.

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PhotoUp Single Property Websites
PhotoUp Single Property Websites

PhotoUp’s single property websites are outstanding and will help you sell properties quicker and for better prices. 

Our property websites also feature:

  • Integrated presentation of hi-res photos and videos to make the property look its best
  • Customized URLs to easily share your listing with others and boost rankings in search engines
  • Lead capture technology, platform syndication, and easy social media linking
  • And full web hosting services for 6 months

So, why wait? 

Get started with PhotoUp today, and build a professional online presence that’ll help you sell your listings faster and for higher prices. 

Also please explore our other services, including, photo editing, virtual staging, and video editing

In this post, we compared Home Junction real estate websites vs PhotoUp’s single property websites to see which is better — and we found PhotoUp’s single listing sites to be the better option.

We hope this post helps in your decision-making process. If you enjoyed this post, you’ll also want to check out the following, related resources:

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