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Are you looking for professional real estate HDR photo editing services and want to find out our best option?

Property images play a significant role in helping buyers decide which properties to see and which ones to make offers on. HDR photography is often used in real estate to demonstrate an eye-catching view of property.

In this post, we’re going to discuss HDR photo editing services for real estate to help you determine your best options. But first, let’s explain what HDR photo editing is and what to look for in an HDR photo editing service.

What Is HDR Photo Editing?

HDR Photo Editing by PhotoUp

HDR is an abbreviation for high dynamic range — the exposure ranges between the darkest and the lightest parts of an image. 

Most real estate photographers want to shoot HDR, especially for interiors because it showcases the house in a detailed and realistic manner.

That said, in most cases, the editing process needs at least three images. The first one is to capture a mid-range exposure shot, with the second image for highlights, and the third for the shadows.

The multiple images are then layered together. The final image, a blending of different exposures, creates a single image with an overall correct exposure and better detailing.

HDR is popular among real estate photographers because the result is an accurate and robust image of both the interior and exterior of a home. 

Most cameras allow you to capture three images in this manner. But there are cameras that feature dedicated HDR functions that let you freely adjust settings.

Still, some primary issues to consider:

  • HDR Photography is a technology — and an art
  • Even the most expensive camera cannot yet reach equal results that image processing software can provide for its users 
  • The choice of HDR photo editing services is therefore crucial to the results 

HDR photography is impossible to produce without the use of appropriate applications or services. Therefore, let’s talk about the skills set to look for in an HDR photo editing service. 

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What to Look For in an HDR Photo Editing Service?

Tips for shooting hdr in real estate photography
HDR Photo Editing by PhotoUp

If you do not have in-house photo editing professionals on staff, then outsourcing real estate HDR image editing and blending services to specialized vendors is your best decision.

The problem is that HDR editing takes skill and it is easy to over-process HDR photos. There are many presets available in automated HDR software as well as many HDR filters. Unfortunately, when applied by an inexperienced photo editor, they easily produce unappealing images.

Here are the issues:

  • HDR became popular among photographers several years ago. Unfortunately, with automated tools, the internet became flooded with fake-looking and oversaturated HDR pictures
  • These different exposure pictures need final touch up from an image blending professional before they can be presented to sellers and posting to the listing 

As a post-processing technique, real estate HDR image editing emphasizes detail and balances different lighting in a given space by effectively blending a series of images with varying exposures.

The goal is crisp, rich, realistic real estate HDR images that are precise in representing the range of lighting and color intensity levels found in real scenes, giving the photo a polished look.

When done right, it provides an exact idea of the space while giving it an aesthetic edge.

Overall, HDR editing can boost the quality of real estate photo posts, attract more visitors, and thus increase the chances of a solid sale.

Best Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services

While most of the software isn’t difficult to access and use, in the hands of a less than experienced photo editor, the HDR results can easily be unrealistic and off the mark. 

Therefore, let’s now turn to profiling 4 well-known HDR photo editing services, saving the best service for last.

4. SunTec

SunTec homepage

SunTec operates out of India, and is an IT outsourcing company operating across global markets. They offer: 

  • Comprehensive High Dynamic Range imaging
  • HDR image processing
  • And real estate HDR image processing services 

SunTec uses advanced editing software, and their professional HDR artists can enhance your property photos with exposure blending and layered tone mapping — making them truly stand out.

3. Photo Alter

Photo Alter homepage

Photo Alter is a photo editing service company based in New Delhi, India, serving clients around the globe.

They provide an extensive range of HDR and other photo editing services, including:

  • Real estate photo editing 
  • HDR blending
  • Background removal 
  • Photo retouching
  • And panorama image stitching

Their photo editing professionals are known for their optimistic attitude and excellent quality results in each project.

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2. BeatColor

Beat Color homepage

Based in Vietnam, BeatColor offers real estate photo editing and HDR services. Founded in 2016, they specialize in all kinds of real estate photo editing services, including:

  • Resolution enhancement
  • Color, lighting, and exposure improvements
  • Object removal
  • Line and perspective corrections

Unlike the other two HDR photo editing services, BeatColor has decent experience with real estate photography, specifically. 

1. The Best Option – Real Estate HDR Editing With PhotoUp

PhotoUp: The Best Real Estate Photo Editing Service

As we’ve learned, HDR photo editing experts blend images together to create flawless photographs. 

But, for our needs, it’s not enough that a service provided is skilled at HDR editing — they also need to be highly experienced with real estate photography in particular. 

And PhotoUp offers the best of all worlds — highly experienced HDR photo editing and 10 years of experience with real estate and architectural photography. 

Two further benefits:

  1. With several hundred skilled photo editors around the world, PhotoUp delivers quality service at affordable pricing
  2. Even better, their customer support team is US-based and excels at problem solving and account management

PhotoUp’s expert team is extraordinarily skilled at detailed HDR photo editing, including:

  • Layering the exposure levels
  • Fixing harsh shadows, lack of light, and balance 
  • Correcting blurred images for clean, detailed results  

Our HDR edited real estate photos are realistic, detailed, and flawless. 

When to use hdr in photography?
HDR Photo Editing by PhotoUp

PhotoUp’s photo editing services include HDR and other advanced photography editing technology, including:

  • Image correction and enhancement
  • Color and tone adjustments 
  • Lawn greening and sky replacements
  • Clutter and object removal
  • Line and angle corrections
  • Virtual staging
  • Video editing
  • And the full range of editing services!

So why wait?

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account now, and let our expert real estate photo editors make every one of your listings look amazing. 

To recap, in today’s post, you learned about 4 different HDR photo editing services for real estate professionals. If you enjoyed this post, please also check out these, related resources:

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