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Virtual staging is a great way to help you maximize the value of your vacant house when selling it. With virtual staging, you can create an inviting atmosphere and help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home without having to invest in expensive furniture or decor. 

In this post, we’ll share how to sell a vacant house faster and for max value with the help of virtual staging. 

Before we dig in deeper, let’s first take a look at why vacant houses are more difficult to sell and generally get lower offers.

Why Are Vacant Houses More Difficult to Sell?

How to sell a vacant house

Vacant homes sell for an average of $11,306 less and spend 6 more days on market compared to staged and virtually staged homes.

Vacant houses can be more of a challenge to sell than other properties, especially in a buyer’s market. Potential buyers may have difficulty envisioning themselves and their families living in the home because it lacks inviting furniture and decor.

It makes it difficult to see the home’s full potential. 

This could also be an issue when setting an appropriate list price; vacant houses are typically priced lower than similar homes that are furnished, but buyers may still be hesitant and opt for a more personally inviting option.

Additionally, vacant homes generally require more extensive upkeep since there is no current tenant to complete necessary maintenance such as mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, which can be difficult and expensive for home sellers. 

Therefore, vacant houses can sometimes stay on the market longer than staged homes and require more effort to sell for a high price.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to transform a vacant house into a warm and inviting home without having to spend money on renting physical furniture and decor, which we’ll look at next.

How to Sell a Vacant House for Max Value With Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows you to transform empty rooms with digital furniture, accessories, and decor that will help prospective buyers envision themselves living in the space. 

By using 3D technology, virtual stagers can add depth and dimension to each room so that viewers feel like they are virtually walking through a fully decorated house. 

Whether you’re looking for something modern or classic, virtual staging provides endless possibilities for creating the perfect look for your home without breaking the bank. 

Here are ways virtual staging can help sell a vacant house for max value:

1. Helps Establish an Emotional Connection to the Property

Virtual staging can provide an inviting atmosphere, even if the home is completely vacant. 

With virtual furniture, accessories, and decor, prospective buyers will be able to envision themselves living in the space and get a better idea of how they would use the different rooms. 

This can help create a sense of comfort and connection to the property that could lead to a quicker sale and possibly a higher offer.

2. Makes the Space Appear Larger

Virtual staging can make a home appear larger than it actually is by using virtual furniture and decorations that don’t take up too much physical space. 

Also, by removing personal items and decluttering rooms, the home will look more spacious and appeal to a broader audience. Too many personal items can be off-putting to certain buyers that don’t share your taste.

Overall, this has the benefit of making small spaces look roomier without having to physically move or remove any walls or other structural components.

3. It Allows You to Try Different Furnishings

Virtual staging also offers more flexibility than traditional staging techniques since it’s easier to switch out different furnishings or decorations without having to refurnish or redecorate with real items. 

If you’re not sure what style works best for your property, you can quickly test different design concepts with virtual visuals until you find something that resonates with potential buyers.

For example, PhotoUp offers 11 different interior design styles, 18 room types, and 21 accessory types from its professional library:

As you can see, there are enough design styles available to cater to any taste or audience.

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

4. Saves Money on Staging and Furniture Costs

Since virtual staging is done digitally, there are no costly expenses associated with moving furniture pieces into the home and extending the rental period if the home doesn’t sell right away. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median cost of home staging is $675. However, depending on the area and size of your home, it can cost as much as $10,000 and up to hire a staging company to prepare your home.

In contrast to home staging, virtual staging generally costs around $20 to $30 per image and also comes with a turnaround time of 48 hours or less.

This makes it much more affordable than traditional staging approaches while still delivering high-quality results that show off the home’s potential in its best possible light.

5. Can Help Sellers Cater to Any Market With Different Design Styles

We have briefly touched on this already but it’s worth mentioning again… Namely that the digital version of home staging also allows you to easily customize each room according to its function. 

So whether you’re staging a kitchen, bedroom, or office, you can create an appropriate design scheme without having to spend extra money on furniture rental or other services related to physical staging services. 

You’ll also be able to adjust each space according to the preferences of your target demographic—elders may respond better to cozy furnishings while millennials may prefer a modern look. 

There are no limits to what virtual staging can do!

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

Let PhotoUp Help You Stage Your Vacant Home!

To recap, virtual staging is a great way to make your home stand out and attract potential buyers, especially if your house is vacant. The visualization and imagination virtual staging offers are extremely powerful! 

With PhotoUp’s virtual staging services, you can quickly transform any space into one that looks inviting and appeals to those who are looking for their next dream home. 

Some buyers may even place an offer sight unseen or pay a premium price for the property when being able to see the home’s full potential. 

That said, our virtual staging services include:

  • Virtual staging of vacant or furnished rooms
  • Digital decluttering, repairs, and redecoration
  • Color changes for walls, ceilings, and flooring
  • And virtual landscaping

And unlike some other services, our virtual staging service is super easy to use.

PhotoUp’s user-friendly software allows you to upload your images, choose furniture sets, add instructions, and then access your high-resolution images in just a day or two. 

PhotoUp Virtual Staging Demo

To see how easy it is to get started, check out our short virtual staging demo:

It’s really that easy!

Whether you’re selling or renting a property, consider incorporating virtual staging as part of your marketing strategy in order to maximize success!

So, why wait?

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and let our professional CAD designers create stunning real estate images to help your listing stand out from the competition and sell for max value!

We hope this blog post helped you see how virtual staging can help sell a vacant house for max value. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out the following resources as well:

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