Do you want to learn how to easily replace the sky in Lightroom?

Is the cloudy sky in your real estate estate photo ruining your “hero shot”? By following these simple steps in Adobe Lightroom, you can make your skies pop.

In this post, we’ll show you how to replace or enhance the sky in Lightroom in 4 simple steps to create stunning real estate photography that will capture buyers’ attention.

Let’s dive in!

Replacing the Sky in Lightroom (4 Simple Steps)

To get started creating beautiful and vibrant skies that will enhance your real estate photography and hopefully accelerate sales, you can use these 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Import an exterior photo of a property in Adobe Lightroom. The sky should be prominent in the image.

Step 2. Select the Brush Tool at the upper right corner of the sidebar, just below the Histogram. Then click the Auto Mask box further below.

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Step 3. Adjust the Temp to blue by moving the pointer to the left.

Step 4. Brush over the sky. Make sure that the encircled crosshair at the center of the brush won’t touch the areas below the sky.

It’s that easy to enhance skies!

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