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Why should I choose PhotoUp?

At PhotoUp we are committed to helping you grow a healthy business through our innovative impact sourcing model. We are committed to saving you time, to giving you back your life and to letting you focus on shooting and marketing while we handle all your editing needs. Our dedicated team of editors and staff will work with you to create a custom style profile to ensure that you get every photo back just the way you like it. Best of all, when you join the team at PhotoUp you are not just helping yourself but giving back in a meaningful way by helping those in the developing world grow and accomplish their dreams through our employee development program, our community projects fund and our new fellowship program.

Who can use PhotoUp?

PhotoUp currently specializes in providing editing services to professional real estate photographers and other photographers of architectural spaces. By the summer of 2014 we hope to offer services to other photographers as well (including wedding and portrait photographers) but our commitment to offering only the highest quality editing services means that we will role out these other editing services only when we know we can provide the best service possible.

I’d love to use PhotoUp to take care of my editing — how exactly does it work?

Great news! We’re excited that you are interested in joining our growing team! Your first step will be to create an account on our “I’m interested” page – from there we will contact you and start the process of learning your style and discovering which of our membership options will best serve your needs. From there, there is a brief account set-up period, where we will learn and test your style with you, before you begin uploading your images using our world class image uploader. Your images will be edited by a small team of three editors, who will use the style profile we generate with you to edit your photos in the manner you like. The most addresses will be done in under 24 hours and you will get an email telling you where you can review and download your photos. Our state of the art review system will allow you to comment on every image in the batch if you’d like or just allow you to download the images as is. Our quality control team will review any comments you leave and adjust your style profile accordingly as we aim to improve our service to you in real-time.

Do I need any special software to use PhotoUp?

Absolutely not! When we created PhotoUp, we crafted a high quality, low cost service that is EASY to use. No additional software is needed to utilize PhotoUp quality editing service – Just a standard internet connection! If you are reading this webpage, then you are ready to start using PhotoUp! Get started here.

What does a dedicated small team of editors mean?

In order to ensure you always get the best possible edits, PhotoUp will assign your account to a small team of three or four highly skilled editors and train them in your style. This system allows for a unique type of customization with your edits improving as you go as a synergy develops between you and your editors.

How does online storage work?

As part of your monthly membership plan you will receive a certain amount of free online storage in our BackUp Center. The BackUp Center allows you to keep all your final edited photos in one secure and convenient cloud-based location. Once activated, every time you exceed your storage limit the Backup Center will automatically add 100GB of storage to your limit and the additional cost will be added to your monthly bill. You will only be billed for storage that exceeds your monthly limit. If you choose not to activate your BackUp Center, PhotoUp will still automatically back up your edited images until you reach your allotted capacity at which point we will delete your past orders to make space, starting with your oldest orders. You will be able to manage your BackUp Center from your PhotoUp dashboard once logged in.

What happens if I go over my number of images in a month?

One of our priorities at PhotoUp is helping you build a healthy and growing business, so nothing would please us more than to hear that you exceeded your expectations for the month and need us to do a bit more editing than you thought. After your allotted images are used up, you can continue to order unlimited edits in the current month at your plans set image rate. For example, if you are on the Lite Plan and you exceed 400 edits, each additional edit will only cost you $1.25 each. This will be added to your next month’s bill.

I’m swamped right now, how quickly can PhotoUp start editing my images?

PhotoUp is here to help! Since you’ve already signed up, you’ll be hearing from a PhotoUp team member shortly and from there it takes between one to two weeks to get your account set up and your editors trained in your personal editing style. We aim to get everyone fully operational within two weeks of uploading their sample images and activating their account, often quicker.

Why are your editors in the Philippines?

Our roots with the Philippines run deep. Both Kristian and Chris have spent considerable time working with the Filipino people over the last five years. With a creative labor force that speaks English and is tech savvy, the Philippines is becoming a prime location for many companies. Furthermore, operationally it allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to our clients while all the more allowing us access to communities in need of development through Impact Sourcing.

How much is it and what kind of commitment do I need to give?

PhotoUp works on a monthly membership system. We have crafted flexible membership plans that will meet everyone’s needs from those just starting out to those who have several associate photographers working with them. Best of all, as your needs change so can your plan, as you will have the opportunity to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan every month.

When will I be billed?

PhotoUp membership plans are billed once a month on the first of the month.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept all major international debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

What happens if I want to upgrade my account?

PhotoUp is committed to helping you grow your business, so we love it when our team members need us to take on more of their editing! Upgrading your account is easy – if you need a larger plan, just let us know a week before your monthly bill is due and we will make the necessary adjustments to upgrade your account! If you exceed your current plan you can continue to order unlimited edits at your plan’s pre set rate.

Do you offer any yearly discounts?

We do not have any yearly discount offerings at this time.

Who will be editing my photos?

Your account will be assigned to a team of three or four highly skilled editors, trained in your style. Currently all our editors work out of our PhotoUp office in Cebu, Philippines where they are trained and fostered not only in photo editing but also in setting and accomplishing life goals and becoming leaders in their community.

How can I give feedback about my photos?

PhotoUp’s state of the art feedback system allows you to make comments on each image in a completed address. After you receive the link that your edits are done, you will be directed to a page where you can view the edits and provide feedback before you download your images. There is also space on that page to provide more general comments on the overall batch. Please take advantage of this system as it will help your editing team continue to improve the editing of the images you receive back. If you have any questions or would like to give additional feedback you can always reach us at support@photoup.net.

How many photos can I upload at one time?

One of the best things about the PhotoUp membership plans is that they are flexible enough to meet your needs. Since your team of editors can only do so much, we also encourage you to use our state of the art priority queuing system to select which homes you need back first, and then our team will prioritize your edits accordingly. Although there is no limit to the number of photos you can upload per day, there is a daily maximum capacity that our editors can handle. This capacity is 40 photos for the Basic Plan and 10% of your total number of monthly edits for all other plans (ie Pro Plan = 80 photos per day). Any photos that exceed your daily capacity will have a slightly longer turn around time which adds 2 hours for each additional batch of 30 photos over your plans capacity (ie if you have a Pro Plan and upload 3 batches of 40 photos in one day, your last batch of photos will be returned to you within 26 hours).

What happens when my photos are delivered later than my quoted time?

At PhotoUp we pride ourselves on returning your edited photos back to you on-time. However, in certain circumstances, batches might be returned late depending on complexity of edits, internet speeds, or queue backup. In order to be fair to our clients, your edits will be credited to your PhotoUp account in the following manner any time an address is delivered past the quoted delivery time:

– All PhotoUp clients will receive a 1% refund for every 5 minutes your batch is late.
– Example: Client A’s batch was delivered 30 minutes after the estimated delivery time therefore Client A will receive a 6% discount on that batch (30 minutes / 5 minutes = 6% refund).

– Example: Client B’s batch was delivered 2 hours and 15 minutes after the estimated delivery time, therefore Client B will receive a 27% refund (135 minutes / 5 minutes = 27% refund).
These edit reimbursements will show up under your billing summary tab in your My Account page as “Reimbursed Photos”.

Can I customize how an individual photo is edited?

Yes! All your images will be edited following the general instructions found on your customized style profile, which we will set up once your account is activated, but if you wish to vary from this profile on any particular image you can do so by adding one of our special editing features at the time of upload or simply appending a note to the address in the uploader. Make sure to be specific about your request and the name of the image in question. Your style profile will also be continually evolving as you provide feedback and collaborate with our creative team on improving your edits.

What types of things will PhotoUp edit in my images?

As part of creating your style profile, you will be given an opportunity to select from a list of possible editing features exactly what you would like your team of editors to edit in your images. Typical features include straightening verticals, colour cast correction, dynamic brightness and contrast adjustment, detail adjustments, object removal and sky replacements to name a few. For a full list of possible features please visit our PhotoUp Editing Workflow page.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload per day?

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload per day. However, there is a daily maximum capacity that our editors can handle. This capacity is 40 photos for the Basic Plan and 10% of your total number of monthly edits for all other plans (i.e. Pro Plan = 80 photos per day). Any photos that exceed your daily capacity will have a slightly longer turn around time which adds 2 hours for each additional batch of 30 photos over your plans capacity (i.e. if you have a Pro Plan and upload 3 batches of 40 photos in one day, your last batch of photos will be returned to you within 26 hours).

How do I receive my edits back?

When your edits are done you will receive an email with a link to where you can review and download your edits. On that page you will view your completed edits and be able to download them in both full and web resolution. Please use our state of the art feedback system to leave notes on the images providing feedback for your editing team.

May I request revisions?

Yes, all clients are able to request revisions for up to 4 days after delivery. Please make sure to rate your batch accordingly and send feedback also when requesting revisions. Should you have any questions about how to request revisions, please contact a member of our support team.

I’m not a real estate photographer but would love to outsource my editing to you, can I?

In order to insure the best service possible we currently only provide editing for real estate photographers and other photographers of architectural spaces but we are working hard to translate our current system and processes to other types of photography as well. We hope to offer color correction for wedding and portrait photographers and product masking services by the summer of 2018. If you are interested in these services and want to keep updated on when they will be rolled out, join our email sign-up here.

I saw on your main page that you describe yourselves as an ‘impact sourcing’ company. I’ve never heard this term before — what does it mean?

Impact sourcing is where business process outsourcing is used to positively impact the lives of people in developing nations around the world. In today’s globalized world, each choice we make will have an effect on someone else. We believe that by connecting creative talent with creative demand through an innovative model can be an effective way we can provide positive business and social impact on a global scale.

I love that your company is aiming to have an impact on developing nations such as the Philippines through working together. Tell me a bit more about who you hire over there.

We look for team members that show a willingness to invest in themselves through fostering their own creativity, continuing their education, collaborating internationally, and serving their communities.

I’m not a photographer, but I love what your company is doing. Is there any way for me to be involved?

If you believe in what we’re doing and would like to walk with us on this journey, feel free to share our story via social media or the blogosphere. Also, as we begin to roll out our Community Impact Projects we’ll have opportunities for you to get involved. Please follow our updates via Facebook and Twitter.

How is PhotoUp different than other types of outsourcing?

PhotoUp is an impact sourcing company working to positively affect the lives of people and communities in developing nations around the world. We believe in transparency and inviting our clients into learning about our process. In a small (yet very important) way, we hope to restore a part of outsourcing that has received many negative connotations over the years and work to show that outsourcing can be a mutually beneficial partnership between clients in the developed world and workers in the developing world.

Wait, is PhotoUp a charity or a business?

PhotoUp is a social enterprise, which means that we use business solutions to reach certain social impact and financial goals. While traditional businesses value their success for their shareholders in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), social enterprises use ROI and Social Return on Investment (SROI). In other words, our shareholders ask, “How much positive impact can my investment provide while bringing me a financial return over time.” PhotoUp has the heart of charity with the freedom and efficiencies of a business. We are excited to join unique group of businesses committed to this type of work.

There are creative young people in other areas of the world, does PhotoUp plan on helping them too?

We’ve always dreamed big at PhotoUp and our hope to grow and reach other creative communities around the world. While our focus is currently on the Philippines, we are always open to bringing our models to other communities and countries. If you would like to bring the PhotoUp model to your community please contactsocialimpact@photoup.net.

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