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Your Photo Editing Team

Founded in 2011, PhotoUp is a social enterprise seeking to put purpose, people, planet and profits on equal footing. Our mission is simple, be the best company in the World at helping photographers market, operate and scale their businesses.

Since we opened our virtual doors in 2011 we have remained uncompromising in the quality of products and services we produce and offer, quickly making PhotoUp the market leader in real estate photo editing, floor plan design and business management software for the industry.

We're also really big into keeping it FRESH!


Growing personally and professionally both at work and within our communities. Providing prosperous partnerships between coworkers, clients, leaders, and mentors across the world.


Relationships are the foundation of our business. We believe in treating everyone from fellow employees to our members with our upmost respect.


We strive to be the best versions of ourselves through individual training, team accountability, constructive critique and continual improvement.

Setting Goals

We believe everyone is a leader at PhotoUp and must continually work on pursuing their personal and professional goals.

Having Fun

We love our jobs! Life is too short not to enjoy the place you work and the people you work with. We aim to foster that attitude in all our office worldwide.


The PhotoUp family is driven by a deep sense of purpose: to see all those who interact with us flourish. Through our education focused business model we train young leaders in the Philippines, USA and Canada to further the social enterprise movement.

It's our belief corporations hold the biggest potential to improve communities and planet, yet currently do the least amount of good, instead seeking only to maximize profit. We intend to change this.

Through building profitable and socially conscious businesses, we seek to build the capacity in people and communities for a richer, more meaningful human experience. Companies can be more than profit centers and people more than human capital.

Our purpose is to co-create not only a company but a brighter future for humanity. We do this by putting into action what we preach. From feeding street children, spending time with the elderly or repairing under-funded schools, our team hits the streets to meet the needs of our community.

When you join PhotoUp or FolioWebsites, you too can become a central player in this movement. Thank you.

The PhotoUp Family

USA & Canada Leadership Team

Hailing from Bend, Oregon to Toronto, Canada and a few places in-between, our North American leadership team is all about developing the capacity of our young leaders abroad and delivering industry leading photo editing and business tools for photographers.

Dave Stark

Dave Stark

Chief Operating Officer

Kristian Pettyjohn

Kristian Pettyjohn

Chief Executive Officer

Devon Higgins

Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Stark

Chief Operating Officer

Dave has been instrumental in helping PhotoUp scale it's operations with a data driven approach to operations management, a love for photography and a huge heart for having sustainable impact locally and abroad.

Kristian Pettyjohn

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kristian is both the CEO and a co-founder at PhotoUp. Having lived in the Philippines for over three years, he brings deep hands on experience to the company's operations and social impact goals. His vision is to build profitable and scalable companies that put people, plant, purpose and profit on an equal footing.

Kristian's Story

Devon Higgins

Chief Marketing Officer

Devon has been with PhotoUp since 2015 and leads our sales and support teams from our Michigan office in Grand Rapids. His eternal optimism, heart to coach young leaders and love for our customers has been instrumental in the success of PhotoUp.


We are a community who exercises good stewardship of our planet for the current and future generations. Being located on the island nation of the Philippines, we focus the majority of our efforts on beach and water cleanups as well air quality and recycling education.


Like any business PhotoUp deploys capital in a manner to minimize risk and capitalize on market opportunities. Being a social enterprise does not mean forfeiting profits, rather, it brings real purpose and meaning to profits.

At PhotoUp we view profits equal to people, planet and purpose. Our team works diligently to generate profits for investors, owners and employees, all who play a critical role in our success.

We believe the more financially sound we are as a company, the more impact we can have by enabling us to invest even more in education for our employees, infrastructure for our communities and sustainability for our planet.

Kristian Pettyjohn

Co-Founder & CEO

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