Photographers At Home During COVID 19

By Devon Higgins

We’re back with more tips for real estate photographers during this COVID 19 season. This time, we’re sharing some tips on how you can keep from going stir crazy at home.

When You’re at Home

1. Practice and/or try something new!

Practice shooting your own home at dawn, at dusk, and at midday. Ever wanted to try a new shooting technique? Interested in shooting more nature photography? Now’s your chance!

2. Focus on marketing.

Take this downtime to work on your marketing materials. Create a new email campaign, design a new brochure to send to realtors, or highlight one of your new services (virtual staging and virtual tours are GREAT services to sell right now!).

3. Update your website.

When was the last time you updated the photos on your website? It’s probably been a while. Take this time to refresh your website with your most recent and best work. Need to build a new website? Folio Websites can help you get started!

4. Spend time with family.

Things may seem bleak, but realize that this will not last forever. Look at this time as a blessing to disconnect from the daily grind and spend time with the people that mean the most to you. Hopefully, you are all under the same roof! If not, use FaceTime, Skype, or call the ones that mean the most to you. Now more than ever we realize that time is precious.

5. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

I know, I know, you’ve probably heard this a million times by now… But, don’t forget!

We hope these little tips help during this crazy time. Stay safe out there and let this be a time to pull together (emotionally of course).

Stay healthy and enjoy some extra family time.


Devon came to PhotoUp with a background in digital marketing and communications. With a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University and previous experience working with both big business and non-profits, Devon brings a well-rounded perspective to the team. Outside of PhotoUp, you can find Devon coaching and playing soccer, socializing in downtown Grand Rapids, or going on adventures throughout the great state of Michigan.

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