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Are you looking into a virtual assistant for photographers and how much it would cost to hire one? We got you covered!

Real estate photography has come a long way in the past decade. Today’s successful photographers are now expected to offer so much more than just taking photos. 

They have turned themselves into real estate marketing pros, offering services like drone shots and virtual staging that can take their business to new heights—and often require multitasking skills as well.

If you can manage all this while still producing excellent images and running your website, social media accounts, AND sending invoices on time, you’ll be seriously in demand. 

But if you don’t have time for all of that yourself, you should consider hiring a photographer Virtual Assistant (VA) to ease the workload.

Let’s take a look at what a VA can do for your business!

What Is a Photographer Virtual Assistant?

What Is a Photographer Virtual Assistant?

Struggling to keep up with all your admin tasks as a photographer? A photographer Virtual Assistant can be the answer to streamlining and simplifying your workflow. 

From scheduling shoots, managing social media, invoicing clients, or managing your photo editing needs, VAs provide an effective way for you free up valuable time.

With more time on your hands, you can focus on shooting more properties and capturing stunning images rather than administrative duties.

This allows you to be out on the field building lasting relationships with clients and growing your business.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Help You With?

virtual assistant for photographers

A VA can help you with many everyday tasks that take time away from shooting more properties. Here are some of the tasks a VA can take off your plate.

Marketing Tasks

With a Virtual Assistant, you can take your photography to the next level without having to worry about daunting marketing tasks. 

Learning how to effectively promote your online portfolio and business takes time and effort, which you may not have when shooting several properties per day. From setting up an entire website or helping with lead generation and social media promotions – a VA got you covered! 

So, while you’re busy capturing stunning shots, your VA will be handling everything else needed for you to grow your photography business in this competitive market.

Administrative Tasks

As a photographer, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of running your business.

But with a Virtual Assistant on board taking care of those operational tasks, you can focus on what really matters: making stunning photos! 

For example, a VA can help you to:

  • Manage your schedule 
  • Book your next shoots
  • Answer calls from clients
  • Respond to customer service emails
  • And even help you to pay your bills and send out invoices

Not only that, but as trust builds over time they could take up even more tasks so that you can have complete freedom (and peace of mind) when working your magic behind the camera.

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Photo Editing

Post-processing is one area of the business where a VA can make a huge difference.

Turning RAW images into top-class marketing material is time-consuming work. Many photographers choose to work with real estate photo editing companies that offer quick turnaround time and quality results.

Others choose to hire a Virtual Assistant/Dedicated Photo Editor who is purely dedicated to their photography business.

For example, 98.6% of PhotoUp’s dedicated editing orders are client rated as either Good or Amazing. This proves that when you work with someone dedicated to your business, they will learn your editing style and can do a better job. 

Whether you choose to hire a VA to manage your post-production needs or physically do the editing work yourself, VAs are a great resource when it comes to offloading the photo processing side of your business.

How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?

How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?

Typically, there’s no standardized pricing system for Virtual Assistants. Naturally, costs vary depending on where the VA is located and their role in your company.

One of the more price competitive and, at the same time, extremely skilled options, are photographer Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.

Typically, VAs from the Philippines, India, and Vietnam are priced pretty much the same, ranging from $7 to $12 per hour.

However, another cost you should factor in is the time needed for training. It’s important to get your virtual assistant up to speed quickly. And make sure they understand the industry and the particulars of your organization.

As a result, taking shortcuts during the training process may cost you mistakes and missed opportunities further down the line.

PhotoUp offers a network of capable VAs who are able to work immediately in any number of roles. These are bright, tech-savvy, flexible young people who have a great work ethic and are eager to learn new skills, starting from only $7.62 per hour.

What to Think of When Hiring a Photographer Virtual Assistant?

What to Think of When Hiring a Photographer Virtual Assistant?

There are a few things to think of when hiring a photographer Virtual Assistant.

For starters, try to understand how much work your VA has done in your field. Are they niche experts or have a broader set of skills?

There’s great value in working with an experienced photographer virtual assistant. Not only will they make fewer errors, but they will also be able to make suggestions on edits. Sometimes, we get blinded by our own work and need fresh new eyes that can spot areas of improvement.

Second, don’t skip doing your due diligence to ensure you’ll find a VA that will suit your needs. Here are things you can do to vet your candidates:

  • Interview your VA candidates via Zoom or Skype to see how they interact with you and how fluent they are in the English language
  • Go through their resume together and ask for a few references
  • Ask for a trial period before signing a long-term contract

These three simple methods usually lead to a very successful Virtual Assistant relationship. 

Now that you know what to think of when hiring a Virtual Assistant for photographers, let’s show you a much easier way. 

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Get Started With PhotoUp’s Photographer VAs Today!

Get Started With PhotoUp’s Photographer Virtual Assistants Today!

PhotoUp is a fast-growing online real estate photo editing company. It’s a global company with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a dedicated workforce in the Philippines, and team members all over the world. 

They offer Virtual Assistants to busy real estate professionals who don’t have time for all the backroom work required in real estate. 

The company has successfully paired hundreds of Filipino Virtual Assistants with photographers and real estate agents around the world. 

You can’t grow your business while doing everything yourself. Take the most time-consuming admin tasks off your plate and free up time to shoot more properties.   

So why don’t you try us out for yourself?! Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and start the onboarding process today!

For a limited time, you’ll get 10 free credits when signing up for an account that you can use for a dedicated editor trial batch. 

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We hope this blog post helped you learn more about Virtual Assistants for photographers, what they do, how much they cost, and how to easily hire a professional VA. 

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