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Are you looking to learn how to create real estate marketing single property websites that will help expand your business?

Impress your sellers with a dedicated website to market their property. Your listings will look amazing, generating stronger interest from buyers. And here’s the best part — your clients don’t need to know how easy it is to do this!

In this post, we’ll show you a super easy and quick way to create real estate marketing single property websites. 

But before we show you how to create them, we’ll take a look at some benefits of using single property websites, plus 4 ways they can work hard to sell houses and other listings.

Benefits of Using Single Property Websites

Single property website themes
Single property website themes

The benefits of using single property websites are many, including the following:  

  • Single property sites demonstrate the strongest conversion rates time after time.
  • These websites are for your listing only. You focus this site on highlighting what you feel are truly the best features of the property. 
  • Special photos, video tours, or floor plans can be easily included on a single property site, while other websites can ignore some of this vital information.
  • A single property site ensures prospective buyers have immediate and easy access to critical information. This makes it more likely they’ll schedule a showing or submit an offer.
  • You control the networking and sharing of information. It’s not wise to trust automated feeds and aggregators to adequately and accurately share your listing. 
  • And you also decide how to drive traffic to your site with email or share your unique link on social media. 
  • A unique URL with the address or property name in it, allows you to control sharing this listing. 

Now that you know the benefits of using single property websites, let’s move on to 4 ways these sites can help sell your listings faster with less competition.

4 Ways Single Property Websites Help to Sell Houses

1. Focuses Your Marketing Efforts

In real estate marketing, sometimes less is more and client focus can be a big advantage. 

There are many real estate marketing options. For instance, postcards, videos, Matterport tours, social media, and online ads are all available.

As a result, the temptation for agents to overdo it can be incredibly hard to overcome. 

But the good news is that real estate marketing single property websites offer the advantages of the above, all on one platform. 

These single sites stand out for their ease, affordability, and flexibility. 

2. Controls Your Listing and Information

Control your information with agent branding

Agents create listings on the MLS. And the MLS feeds then disseminate this information to Zillow,, and others. 

This means that brokers and sales agents have no control over how their information will be presented by other sites and vendors. 

But by taking more control of how they present and share this property with others online, agents can maximize this listing.

3. Removes Competition and Distractions

Having a unique URL and single property site keeps potential buyers focused only on the subject property.

Often, other websites make it easy for someone to become distracted and start looking at other properties or features.

For instance, Facebook and Twitter click-through rates are low because they have so many distractions.

Worst of all, clients clicking away from your property means your hard work getting their attention might go to someone else’s benefit. 

Put simply, fewer distractions equals better focus and more clicks, helping your leads and prospective buyers focus has benefits in terms of conversion rates.

So, the fewer distractions potential buyers have, the more likely they are to contact you or schedule a showing.

4. Looks Great in Your Listing Presentation

Real estate marketing single property websites

Getting listings can be challenging in our competitive real estate market.

Having a killer listing presentation can make all the difference, and here are reasons why:

  • Digital marketing is now the primary means of selling homes.
  • Listing presentations featuring single property marketing websites offer an edge on the competition.
  • Having a property website helps you stand out from the competition by impressing your clients. 

How to Create Real Estate Marketing Single Property Websites

Well-designed websites can be complicated and expensive. This is one reason many agents don’t have high-quality professional sites for their listings. 

Luckily, PhotoUp makes it easy and affordable to offer gorgeous and effective single property websites for all your listings. 

Our real estate marketing single property websites are super easy to create and use. You don’t need any design or technical skills and the software is much simpler than, for example, Wix or Squarespace. 

That said, let’s show you how to create a real estate marketing single property website with this easy-to-follow tutorial video:

As simple as that!

To conclude, real estate marketing single property websites are one more tool in your sales kit that helps sell houses faster. 

These sites look like they took you a long time to create. But with PhotoUp, you can create a compelling single property website in just a few minutes. 

Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Sign up with PhotoUp today to start using real estate marketing single property websites! 

We hope this post helped you learn how to create real estate marketing single property websites to help expand your business.

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