Imagine a home buyer looking for his/her dream house. As he/she browses through the listing, they see photos of a nice property—pictures that you, as a professional real estate photographer, took.

With all those crisp and well-lit images, correct colors, vertically straight photos, and beautiful skies, he or she finds it a lovely must-have home. And all because of those stunning images that you took and edited!

Professional real estate photos can definitely help close a sale for the agent. However, in many cases, even the best images straight from the camera are not perfect. Not to worry though, you can still create stunning real estate photos with some simple photo editing skills.

Why should you edit your real estate photos?

Why You Should Edit Your Real Estate Photos

As its name implies, this is a process wherein real estate photos are processed and edited into a professional-grade image that are used for marketing. Through photo editing, gray skies become vibrant blue with white puffy clouds. Unwanted objects are erased, incorrect hues are restored to their real colors, empty fireplaces become lit, and even blank TV screens seem to get powered on in post-production..

Enhancing photos takes some time, especially on photos that need additional work such as object removals, lawn enhancement, or sky replacements. That’s why many real estate photographers outsource photo editing to specialized service providers such as PhotoUp.

How does photo editing benefit your clients?

Why You Should Edit Your Real Estate Photos

It’s a simple fact that professionally shot real estate photos in an online listing actually help homes sell faster. This is important because a majority of property buyers start their search online. When prospective home buyers browse online, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and keep their interest.

With real estate photo editing, images of properties are presented professionally and generate more interest. In addition:

As a real estate photographer, you can create high-quality photos with skill, experience, and with the assistance of your high-end photography equipment. Your camera’s capabilities, shooting style, creativity, skill, and even your competition are all essential in producing professional real estate photos.

However, this is just half of the process. The other half rests in post-production, or photo editing. You almost always need some degree of photo editing to make your images the best that they can possibly be.

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Editing photos seem to be misrepresenting the property, right?

Why You Should Edit Your Real Estate Photos

Far from it. Photo editing actually helps represent the property correctly. For instance, the limitations of your camera and unusual lighting can alter the color of the interior space. Fortunately, photo editing can correct the colors back to their natural state.

But that’s not all. Photo editing can also provide home buyers a preview of the property. For example, due to a hot, dry spell, the grass in front of the property has wilted. But by enhancing the lawn through photo editing, buyers will have an idea of what the lawn will look like during spring when the grass is green and flourishing.

A note about removing unwanted items via photo editing: different states have different laws regarding removing objects. In some places, removing public utilities such as fire hydrants and power cables is prohibited. In other states, such practice is acceptable. Make sure you know the rules when it comes to this aspect.

Why You Should Edit Your Real Estate Photos

These 3 simple reasons should be enough to have your real estate photos go through some type of photo editing process. But what if you don’t have enough time to do this for all of your shoots? What if you have so many photos to edit, that you are spending your whole night in front of the computer editing instead of spending that time with your family and friends? That’s exactly why PhotoUp exists! At PhotoUp, we have a team of skilled real estate photo editors who help you spend less time editing, more time shooting, and spending more time doing what you love!!

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