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Are you wondering what Scandinavian minimalist interior design is and what different staged rooms in this design style look like?

Scandinavian minimalism is an interior design style inspired by regional trends in Nordic countries that values simplicity, calmness, and functionality. 

In this post, we’ll share what Scandinavian minimalist interior design is and how you can achieve this design style with the use of traditional home staging or virtual staging. 

What Is Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design?

Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp
Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp

Scandinavian minimalist interior design is like its name a minimalistic style. It’s using a blend of textures and soft tones to make sleek, modern decor, feel warm and inviting. 

Furthermore, the Scandinavian design emphasizes clean lines, simple and functional furnishings. As well as stresses utility, well needed in the harsh, cold Nordic winter climate.

The goal is to create a beautiful and cozy space to snuggle up inside.

Additionally, Scandinavian minimalist design involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. The characteristics of this style are clean lines and simplicity, soft hues, and natural fibers.

This interior design style is overall about reducing what is unnecessary to leaving what is essential. 

History of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp
Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp

Historically, Scandinavian minimalism is traceable to the 1930s.

Its early proponents were:

  • Josef Frank (Sweden)
  • Alvar Aalto and Maija Isola (Finland)
  • And Arne Jacobsen (Denmark)

These inventive Scandinavian designers gave birth to the “golden age of Scandinavian design.” And the concepts of functionalism, constructivism, and in some cases surrealism inspired their work. 

Further, Scandinavian minimalism originated from the need for endurance and comfort in a challenging climate.

The long and harsh winters of these Nordic countries necessitated functional structures that could withstand severe conditions. 

More so, having to stay inside for long periods created a need for open and inviting rooms that encourage light to spread. As well as cozy spaces to snuggle up in while sipping on a cup of warm chocolate or tea. 

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Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp
Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp

For one, light is the key component in Scandinavian interior design. Also, using subtle, pastel tones with crisp blocks of color and accents is common.

Specifically, decluttering is key and it’s all about optimizing space.

You’ll also find natural elements featured in everything from furniture to locally spun textiles.

For example, Denmark is known for creating minimalist living spaces in urban environments.

At the same time, in Sweden, this interior design is known for the concept of “lagom”, meaning “just right.” This relates to minimalism that favors balance, moderation, and sustainability.

IKEA is a worldwide company that leverages the Swedish design principle of “lagom” to create stylish furniture and decor at affordable prices.

Scandinavian Design Tips

Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp
Scandinavian Minimalist Interior Design Style by PhotoUp

The principle of Scandinavian minimalist design is to establish harmony with the environment while also keeping it simple and decluttered. 

So without excess consumerism, it seeks to complement the art of living well by promoting a simple home environment, filled with quality items. 

Here are some Scandinavian minimalist design tips:

  • Reduce clutter
  • Let natural light in
  • Paint the walls white or in a bright color
  • Good lamps and lighting solutions are critical
  • Optimize space
  • Use subtle colors and tones, plus high-quality natural fibers
  • Choose durable, long-lasting furniture
  • Design for “hygge” (an emotional response to the feeling of comfort or happiness achieved through candle lights, warm blankets, and cozy spaces)

Is Scandinavian Design Still in Style?

Scandinavian interior design will always be a classic home interior trend.

This decor is very popular among interior designers and those looking for a posh, yet clean look in their home or work environment.

Simply put, the Scandinavian interior design is timeless!

What Is Scandinavian Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging in general is a special computer-assisted design (CAD) process, where virtually designed furniture and decor are added to a photo of an empty room or space.

In other words, virtual staging is the digital version of traditional home staging. And it can be done using different design styles like the popular Scandinavian design style.

For instance, Scandinavian virtual staging style is characterized by:

  • Clean whites
  • Soothing grays
  • Natural greens with splashes of playful accents
  • Plush textiles
  • Woods light
  • And furnishing

With the main goal to make the space completely cozy!

Why Use Virtual Staging?

For starters, virtual staging is a more cost-efficient way of staging a home before selling it. In fact, recent studies show it’s 97% cheaper than traditional home staging.  

Also, more than 7 in 10 agents find virtual staging and virtual tours more important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Homebuyers can view listing images from the comfort of their home and decide to buy a property without even seeing it in person.

Virtual staging helps potential buyers see how the home could look with fresh, modern furnishing and decor.

So, if you’re thinking of staging your home in the Scandinavian design before selling it, you should consider virtual staging

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Visualization Is Powerful!

As we already touched on, visualization is a powerful tool in selling a home. And virtually staging a space can help buyers see the home’s potential and imagine themselves living there.

In addition, virtual staging is excellent for showcasing how a space would look when:

  • Staged
  • Redecorated
  • Decluttered and depersonalized
  • Or, even renovated

There are no limitations to what virtual staging can do! 

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To see how easy it is to get started, check out our virtual staging uploader video tutorial:

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Try the Scandinavia design style to virtually stage your empty or outdated space, and we’ll ensure stunning images that will capture buyers’ attention!

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We hope this blog post helped you get an idea of what Scandinavian minimalist interior design is. And more importantly, what a staged room in this design style could look like.

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