Deciding to outsource your real estate photo editing can be challenging. Here are some pointers so you can determine if outsourcing photo editing is ideal for you.

Outsourcing your photo editing can be a challenging decision when looking to grow your real estate photography business It can be hard to give up control of your editing, it can be tough learning a new system or training a team of editors, and it can also seem like an additional expense that you can’t quite afford. However, the advantages of outsourcing photo editing can eventually outweigh the cost of doing it all yourself.

Is Outsourcing Photo Editing Right for You

So, how do you know it’s time to start outsourcing your photo editing work? Let’s find out!

1. Do you shoot enough volume?

If you’re just starting in real estate photography, you might only book 1-2 shoots per month. If this is the case, then it might make more sense to edit your images yourself at this stage.

However, in time, you’ll start gaining more clients and getting more work until you’re ready to begin outsourcing your photo editing to a real estate photo editing company. Typically, an average photographer shoots between 25-30 images per home. Once you start to shoot anywhere between 2-5 homes per week (50-150 images) is when you would want to start looking into outsourcing your photo editing.

But, it never hurts to get a photo editing team in place before you get busy! Some companies, like PhotoUp, offer small monthly plans which allow you to get your account set up and dial in your editing team so that when you do get busy, you’re ready to start outsourcing to an editing team immediately. PhotoUp’s smallest plan starts at just $99 and comes with 100 credits.

2. Do you charge enough?

Real estate photography pricing varies based on location, type of homes you’re shooting, and your overall business model. Traditionally, there are two different pricing models:

* Price based on the number of photos delivered.
* Price based on the size/value of the home.

There is no right or wrong method to choose when pricing your real estate shoots. However, when you begin to look into outsourcing your photo editing, you’ll want to make sure your pricing allows you to continue to make a solid profit margin on every shoot.

We recommend charging no less than $150 per shoot (25-30 images). At this price point, you are sure to cover your editing costs and also give yourself enough margin for yourself, your business, and/or your associate photographers. That said, every market is different. Some markets demand lower prices and some markets will be able to charge significantly more than $150 per shoot.

Do some research to figure out what your clients are willing to pay, where you want your business to be positioned in the market, and how much it will cost to outsource your photo editing. All of this information will help you determine a pricing structure that works for you, your business, and your clients.

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3. Are you okay giving up control?

This is probably the most difficult question to answer. Outsourcing photo editing means trusting someone else with your work. This can be easy for some and terribly difficult for others. We find that the best way to hand off your photo editing to an outsourcing company is to think about the opportunity cost associated with editing your own photos.

That is, don’t think about this in terms of having to give something up or “losing control”. Instead, view this as an opportunity for you to gain valuable time back in your day. Use this extra time to spend more time shooting, more time marketing, or just more time with friends and family.

The reality is that your time is valuable and precious. Instead of being locked in a room editing until the wee hours of the morning, focus that time in other areas or people where you’ll provide more value for yourself and others.

So, by outsourcing your photo editing, you’ll, in turn, be receiving the most valuable gift of all, your time. Outsourcing your photo editing is a wise choice for any real estate photographer who wants to truly scale and grow their business.