7 professionally designed

virtual staging styles

Explore all seven of PhotoUp’s interior design styles and find the perfect set for your next virtual home staging order.

natural, minimalist & soothing


Scandinavia style is clean whites, soothing greys, natural greens with splashes of playful accents. Textiles are plush, woods light and furnishing completely cozy.

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warm rustic living


Farmhouse style is country living at its best. Designed to be inviting with a generous use of rough cut wood, rustic textures and layers of accessories found around the farm.

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classic & approachable


American style is comprised of furnishing, wall hangings and accessors found in homes around the nation. It’s comfortable, approachable and instantly feels like home.

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big bold & refined


Modern style is characterized by wide, low set furnishings, a dark clean palette with often straight lines complimented by unique artistic accessories. Perfect for making a statement in large spaces.

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Photorealistic & Affordable

Virtual Home Staging

Professional virtual staging for real estate marketing.

classy, iconic & enduring

mid-century modern

Mid-century modern style is classic and enduring with characteristic dark, curvy walnut furnishing, golden decor, modern planters and retro rug patterns. Make any space the life of the party with mid-century modern.

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northeastern seabord charm


Hamptons style is a quintessential East End Long Island seaside home. Bright and coastal with formal colonial flare, the Hamptons features blue or aqua accents, classic patterns and charming decor.

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beach house living


Coastal style is white, wispy and wonderful. One can nearly smell salt kissed air and feel gritty sand between the toes as the waves crash in the distance. If it’s near the beach, stage it with Coastal.

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Photorealistic & Affordable

Virtual Home Staging

Professional virtual staging for real estate marketing.

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