“Should I use a real estate photo editing service?”
“Will the images be the same quality?”
“How much will it cost?”
“Will it benefit me in the long run?”

These are all great questions that a lot of photographers have when thinking about using a real estate photo editing service. We at PhotoUp feel that these questions deserve to be answered.

We are here to provide you with some of those answers. đź™‚

1. Should I use a real estate photo editing service?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Typically, photographers begin to search for photo editing services when they become so overwhelmed with their current workload that they do not have enough time in the day to both shoot and edit all of their real estate photos. When using a real estate editing service, like PhotoUp, clients are able to up time that they would normally spend editing and use that time to shoot other homes, continue to grow and market their business, or spend more time with family and friends.

Although not all of our clients come to us because they are overwhelmed with their current workload. Some of our clients found us as a way to jump into professional photography. These types of clients are able to go out and shoot homes throughout the week, upload the images to us, and never have to worry about the editing process. This allows or beginning clients to jump right into photo editing without having to deal with the editing process at all. This method typically works well for amateur photographers looking to make money doing what they love.

Just about anyone, big or small, can utilize a real estate photo editing service, like PhotoUp. If you are considering trying out a real estate photo editing service, shoot us an email today!

Why Real Estate Photo Editing Services Make Sense
Before: Original Photo
Why Real Estate Photo Editing Services Make Sense
After: Real Estate Photo Edit by PhotoUp

2. If I do use a real estate photo editing service, will the images be the same quality that my clients are used to?

With PhotoUp, all of our clients go through a testing period where they work with our creative director and a personal team of editors in order to understand your specific editing process. This testing period typically lasts between 1-2 weeks. During this time, our editors work with you to better understand your editing process and make sure that the photos we provide are as close to your editing style as possible. Our focus is quality and consistency and with your dedicated team, our clients build synergy over time making the editing process even better.

After testing, we move our clients into a live subscription plan where they begin uploading photographs and receive their edited photos within 24 hours for normal orders.

Why Real Estate Photo Editing Services Make Sense

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Real Estate Photo Editing

PhotoUp is the end-to-end business platform for real estate photographers.

3. How much does real estate photo editing cost?

Other real estate photo editing services will charge anywhere from $3-$5 per image or upwards of $15-20 an hour.

With PhotoUp’s monthly plans, the cost per photo starts at just $1.50 and can get as low as $1.00 per image, depending on your monthly plan. PhotoUp also offers Rush Orders which allow you to get your photos back in 12  or 18 hours after uploading.

Interested in learning more about PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service? Take a look at our monthly subscription plans or feel free to contact us for more information.

4. Will using a real estate photo editing service benefit me in the long run?

Why Real Estate Photo Editing Services Make Sense

Absolutely, if you use it properly. What we mean by this is that in order to reap the financial and growth benefits of using PhotoUp, you must take advantage of our services by utilizing them within your business offerings. Examples of this are as follows:

Utilizing all of PhotoUp’s services. Make sure you are offering your clients bonus editing features (for a price). Some of these features include sky replacements, flash shadow removal, lawn replacements, large object removal, and multiple object removal.

Grow and scale with PhotoUp’s monthly plans. Our goal is to empower every one of our clients to be able to use our services in order to grow their business. This is accomplished by utilizing PhotoUp’s monthly subscription plans. PhotoUp is the only real estate editing service out there that allows its clients to grow and scale with our services. Our month-by-month subscription plans come in multiple sizes for real estate photographers of varying amounts of real estate business.

We work directly with our clients to figure out what plan works best for them during each season of their business. For example, some clients get much busier in the summer months as compared to the winter. Making sure that you upgrade your account during those months of growth will help you to offset the cost of paying for overage edits at a lower-level plan.

Offering “rush orders” to clients. Say you get done shooting home at 4:00 pm and the client wants the photos returned to them by 8:00 am the next day. Not a problem! PhotoUp offers 12 and 18-hour rush order options for photos that need a quick turnaround. Since these options do cost a bit extra, make sure to pass this cost onto your client if they need their photos back ASAP.