It’s never been easier to outsource a service provider or virtual assistant to help with your online real estate marketing.

The business of selling a property, like so many other sectors of the economy, is facing disruption in 2020. There are so many demands on people’s time and resources that it’s all too easy to neglect the necessary tasks associated with marketing and advertising.

But that would be a mistake. In the digital economy, real estate marketing is more important now than ever before.

Realtors: Do you Know how Easy it is to Outsource these Tasks?

The key to more efficient real estate marketing is to outsource some of the key activities that can be executed quickly and easily by real estate marketing professionals, virtual assistants, or service providers. Real estate photo editing, virtual staging, floor plans and web pages are vital tools to have, but are technical, detailed tasks that take time to get just right.

Building a digital marketing campaign by yourself is hard, time-consuming and vital work. And it’s not necessarily the reason why most of us go into real estate in the first place. From updating your website, to managing your mailing list and marketing campaigns, or performing the more technical aspects of online real estate marketing such as photo editing, virtual staging designing floor plans or building single property websites, it’s no surprise that virtual assistants are becoming a more critical part of any real estate team.

In order to save time and keep your focus on gaining new clients and selling listings, consider outsourcing those kinds of tasks to real estate marketing professionals who do that work for a living. See if your real estate photographer can offer some of these services and if not, then you should consider working directly with a virtual assistant who can.

It's Never Been Easier To

Promote Your Listings

Photos. Floor Plans. Virtual Staging. Home Tours. Listing Websites.

Below is a list of the top real estate marketing tasks that you can and should consider outsourcing in 2020:

Top Real Estate Marketing Tools for Outsourcing in 2020

Real Estate Photography

It’s time to put down the iPhone and hire a professional real estate photographer. Professional photos will help any listing stand out online and is proven to increase online and in-person traffic to listings.

And professional real estate photographers typically provide much more than just taking photos of homes. The best real estate photographers will offer things like additional marketing services like real estate photo editing, video editings, virtual staging, floor plans, property websites, and flyers (just to name a few). Make sure you choose a real estate photographer that can be both a trusted photographer and a true real estate marketing professional.

Virtual Staging

Enhance any real estate photo by using beautiful digital furniture sets designed for a wide range of tastes. Let virtual staging artists take an image of an empty room and make it look like a photo right out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. From living and dining rooms to gym equipment, games rooms and offices – you can select the room type and style you want for your real estate marketing images and then rely on a team of experts to make it look picture perfect.

Virtual Assistants

Work with a dedicated virtual assistant who can help you manage your business while staying under budget. A virtual assistant can help with anything from scheduling meetings to answering client emails to helping coordinate your real estate transactions. Take advantage of the ability to hire another member of your team while saving time and money of having to train and onboard someone locally.

Floor Plans

Using an outline of the floor plan or even a hand drawn sketch, your online service provider can create sophisticated 2D and/or 3D floor plans for your listings. Make sure you have the ability to customize your floor plans to include your colors, logo, and text on the final product. Floor plans are another great marketing tool to help you stand out over the competition.

Drone Photography

Aerial photographs of properties have never been more popular. By working with a drone photography professional, you can get shots that show off your properties’ best features and let potential buyers see a birds-eye view of their new home. Ask your real estate photographer about their drone photography options as they’re sure to help you impress homeowners and homebuyers alike!

Single Property Websites

If you’re not already, you should consider using single property websites when marketing your listings. Single property websites help your properties stand out from other listings and bring an extra level of exclusivity and luxury to the listing. Use one of the beautiful templates offered by a website builder, upload your photos, videos, and 3D tour to create a stunning website with its own unique URL. Use the website to help tell a story of the property and showcase its best features.

Find a Partner That Works For You

Find a Partner That Works For You

All of these services are activities that eat up a realtor’s time and prevent them from doing the more people-oriented work that leads to sales. Realtors who are able to outsource these particular technical tasks and hire a virtual assistant to stay on top of their marketing workflow have a distinct advantage when it comes to real estate in the 21st century.

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