The name of the game is engagement. With these real estate marketing tools, you’ll increase leads and grow your brand.

Why use real estate marketing tools in the first place?

The best real estate marketing helps properties stand out in a crowded marketplace. It generates a buzz on social media, draws a lot of visitors to your listings and website which helps grow your email database, adds leads to your CRM, and ultimately, increases your sales.

Great real estate marketing helps sell homes faster, and there’s no better feeling in the world for a Realtor

All the time and effort that you’ve put in behind the scenes starts to payoff. And what’s even better? Once you’ve mastered real estate marketing, you can scale your operations easily and repeat the same methods over and over again.

Here are a few real estate marketing tools that help generate more leads for your listings and will make sure your listing stands out in a crowded marketplace.

5 of the Best Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2020

Single Property Websites

5 of the Best Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2020

The basis of your real estate marketing should be a single property website. That’s the heart of the campaign that everything else should flow from. Basically, a single property website is a website with its own unique URL that is created solely for the purpose of marketing a single listing. That may sound like a lot of work, and in the past, single property sites focussed only on high-end properties. But today, website builders like PhotoUp have made the experience quick, easy and cost effective.

Take a look at the kind of results you can achieve with a single property website.

Virtual Staging

Real Estate Virtual Stage by PhotoUp

Gone are the days when realtors had to rent furniture, haul it off to the property, set it up, photograph it, and invite potential buyers to view the staged room. That way of working ended up being expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Virtual staging is the perfect solution. Realtors only need good photographs of empty rooms and then send them to a virtual staging company to do the rest. Most virtual staging companies will allow you to pick furniture from an online catalog where you can select furniture sets of individual pieces of furniture to include in each image.

In this age when most real estate marketing takes place online, virtual staging is the perfect solution to really showcase your listing in the best possible light. Browse through our catalog of 3D furniture sets for every room in your next listing.

3D Walk-through Tours

The ability to visit a property has been severely restricted in 2020 due to COVID-19. Serious buyers like to get a feel for a property before they need to step foot inside. So one of the best ways to get potential home buyers checking out your listing is to create a virtual tour of the property. Using their mobile devices or laptops, people can move through each room, see how the house flows, get a sense of each room and imagine what life might be like to live in the space.

It’s a standout feature to have, and really can set a listing apart for potential buyers.

Take a look at this beautiful example of a 3D tour.

The Ultimate All-in-One

Real Estate Photographer Business Platform

Grow a successful real estate photography business with PhotoUp.

Professional Real Estate Photography

We all know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. In real estate marketing, you could say that great pictures are worth a hundred thousand dollars. Nothing sells a property better than beautiful, hi-definition photography. Time-stressed consumers with lots of options simply do not bother looking into listings that showcase dark, blurry, or cluttered photos. There’s just no point.

If there’s one change you can make right now, it’s to engage a professional real estate photographer. You can also make use of some of PhotoUp’s affordable, amazing tools that transform your photographs into high quality marketing images.

Take a look at some examples of the difference that PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service makes.

Floor Plans

Send a signal to potential buyers that you’re serious about your listing by including floor plans in your marketing. You can include the floor plans in the images you add to your local MLS or as a bonus feature on your single property website. PhotoUp has mastered the technology behind offering 2D and 3D floor plans for your listings. You get to choose from six beautiful themes, and include features such as a directional compass, custom branding, square meterage, and even exterior drawings!

Prices for floor plans depend on the type of drawing (2D vs 3D) and how many floors the property is. Check out our Floor Plans page for more information.

Measure your Marketing Investment in Real Time

Measure your Marketing Investment in Real Time

It’s not always easy to stay on top of all real estate marketing tools. But it’s important that you stay up to date with the trends that are taking hold of the market, especially during these changing times. PhotoUp offers plenty of actionable data that helps you to improve your operations, reduce your stress, and empowers your business to grow and scale, even through these difficult times.

Sign up with PhotoUp today and you get access to all of the above real estate marketing tools ready-made for your business.