Single property websites are a great real estate marketing tool but you need to know what you’re doing with them, and what traps to avoid.

Single property websites have taken the real estate industry by storm. More and more realtors are moving away from sites that collate properties into one giant catalog, and moving towards more customized, single property websites that focus exclusively on just one luxury property.

Giving a listing its own website and customized URL conveys a sense of luxury and elegance and a feeling that this is an exclusive property worth investing in. That’s exactly what you want and you need to capitalize on this moment to extend and deepen your interaction with a potential buyer.

Single Property Website DO’S

  • Create something unique – The tools and templates you need to make really beautiful, effective property websites with minimal effort are out there. You should focus all your energy on getting high-quality images and content for the site, and leave the tech to the experts. No matter how good the builder is, if you’re not putting great content into your single property website, you’re not going to get the results you’re hoping for.
  • Control the information that prospects are receiving – Work on taking viewers on a journey. Start with the big picture (literally) of the property, then get into the details, the benefits, and the wider neighborhood and surrounding area they will be joining. Paint a compelling story through your site where buyers can imagine a future for themselves and their families.
  • Make sure to capture your leads – You won’t be landing every single prospect who visits your website, but you still want to make their visit count. Make sure that the single property website builder you’re using also has lead capture tools. You can’t be capturing every user by hand, but you need to have a lead capture tool that sends you leads who fill out a contact form to find out more about the listing you’re featuring.

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Single Property Website DONT’S

  • DON’T clutter the site – When we have a lot of space to work with, we tend to try and fill it with as much information as possible. ‘Got 8 views of the same room? Let’s put ‘em all up there!’ No, your site becomes cluttered, slow and daunting when there’s too much going on. Be selective, and leave the prospects wanting to know more so that they reach out for more information.
  • DON’T spend too much time – If things go well, then you’ll create the site and sell the property within a few weeks. So, it needs to be perfect, of course, but it shouldn’t take you days to build your property website if it’s going to be outdated in just a few weeks’ time. That’s one of the reasons why a single property website builder is so effective – it can help you create a unique and effective site without having to spend days putting it together.
  • DON’T forget professional photos – If you’re going to spend the time and effort to market your listing with a beautiful single property website, don’t sell it short with pictures from your iPhone. Spend the extra time and money to get professional real estate photography for your listing. It’s proven that listings with professional real estate photography sell 32% faster than listings without professional photos.

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