They say that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, we at PhotoUp take games and sports seriously. Oh yes, we are absolutely passionate in our profession. However, we are also equally passionate when it comes to having fun!

That’s why we regularly hold a fun-filled Sportsfest. It’s our way to strengthen camaraderie, get to know each other better, enhance our teamwork, and have fun!

2016’s Sportsfest was super fun. Let’s check out some of the highlights.

Basketball is unofficially our country’s pastime, so it is not surprising that we have basketball superstars among us. Thus, we put the agile members of the morning shift against the strong folks of the evening shift in a basketball game that showed off their power, speed, agility, and accuracy.

A couple of teams also engaged each other in a friendly yet competitive game of badminton, another popular Filipino sport. Slip and slap that shuttlecock! Too bad we don’t have photos of the action.

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There are some who want to show off their wrist-muscle flexibility and eye-and-hand coordination. They found the game that lets them do just that—foosball!

Those who are not into physical activities were not left out. They may not excel in sports, but they are skilled in video games. Tekken, SKATE, and DOTA are the games of choice for these digital masters.


Did you know that playing video games is actually beneficial? Doing so improves your memory, enhances coordination, sharpens your decision-making skills, reduces stress, and more. No wonder our guys’ race to play our office’s game console after their dinner break!

We also have games for the mentally active as well. Some of our guys and ladies stretched their vocabulary power via a Scrabble tournament.

Some of our people were in deep concentration in trying to outmaneuver and unlock their opponents’ strategies in games of chess.


This is what we love about working at PhotoUp. As you can see, we are actually masters of blending work and play in perfect harmony. Now you know one of the reasons why we are so pumped up every day to report to our stations: we have a very fun environment!