At PhotoUp, our greatest strength lies in our team. Yes, we’re referring to our young, creative, and dedicated real estate photo editors whose dynamism generates a lot of inspiration. They are the actual geniuses and the artists behind each and every real estate image that gets delivered to our clients.

At the head of the photo editing team is a group of leaders who generate FRESH ideas that allow us to innovate and provide quality real estate photo editing to our customers. They are also the ones who ensure that all photo editors are happy and efficient at work.

Because PhotoUp puts great value in our leaders, our goal is to keep these awesome leaders inspired, motivated, and united throughout their time at PhotoUp. That’s why we often organize fun-filled and educational team building activities to build camaraderie and strengthen their teamwork.

On June 23, 2019, we organized a team building activity for the management team at Linao Resort and Hideaway, a beautiful resort in Cebu, Philippines. A sudden downpour did nothing to dampen the merriment and fun of the day. The team played games and spent time working with one another to learn more about their fellow colleagues, teammates, and friends.

Here’s what some of PhotoUp’s management team had to say about the activity:

  • Antonette (GY Shift Support Team) – “The food, fun, and the people! They’re the best!”
  • Karl (AM Shift Quality Control) – “We created stronger bonds while still having fun.”
  • Ina (GY Shift Style Process Specialist) – “We got this great opportunity to know each other even though we were assigned in different shifts.”
  • Mishael (PM Shift Assistant Manager) – “The best thing for me was seeing leaders from different shifts giving their time to build and strengthen the team’s foundation.”

Everyone had a lot of fun. But more importantly, they learned a lot from the experience.

  • Zedrick (GY Shift Team Manager) – “We may have different personalities, characteristics, and styles. But we have the same goal—to make each other a better person. To build a strong camaraderie with each other.”
  • Redd (AM Shift Team Manager) – “Help each other and learn from each other.”
  • Aleks (PM Shift Team Manager) – “To achieve a goal, everyone must participate and act according to their roles. Doing so creates harmony throughout all the activities that are done to accomplish that goal.”
  • Carl (PM Shift Team Manager) – “Teamwork! We win, we lose, we go up, we go down, we rise, we fall together!

By the end of the day, even though the day may have been cloudy, the team’s energy, excitement, and outlook on the future could not have been more bright!

  • Marie Joy (GY Shift Quality Control) – “After the activity, communication with the Quality Controllers no longer felt awkward.”
  • Chuckie (GY Shift Team Manager) – “We learned how to communicate with everyone freely about different perspectives at work and outside of work.”
  • Joanne (AM Shift Team Manager) – “I learned about several of my teammate’s passions. They’re inspirational.”
  • Steven (PM Shift Support Team) – “You can feel that the trust is there.”

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Despite their experienced as leaders, PhotoUp’s shift managers are always open for more insight on how to become better leaders.

  • Mike (PM Shift Manager) – “Informal interaction without the stress of being in an office setting builds familiarity without pressure. The fact that the hierarchy of different positions are not considered during this team-building activity is a good start for better communication.”
  • Mishael (PM Shift Assistant Manager) – “For a leader to be effective, he has to wholeheartedly own the responsibilities assigned to him, no matter how difficult they are.
  • Jefferson (GY Shift Assistant Manager) – “Nothing is really impossible if we’re united.”

Of course, no team-building activity is complete without good food. The PhotoUp management team feasted on classic and tasty Cebuano food such as roasted pork and chicken, noodles, hanging rice, and more.

Inspiration, understanding, clear communication, accepting responsibilities, and a desire for each other to flourish. All these things make a strong team, stronger. We could not be more proud of the amazing leaders that continue to flourish and grow here at PhotoUp!