The PhotoUp team is proud to announce that after six months of planning, designing and coding we have officially launched PhotoUp Version 2 (PUV2) today!

PUV2 is a major step forward in the industry’s leading photo editing platform for professional real estate photographers with major improvements including an improved interface, photo uploader, email support system and completely re-engineered internal systems for photo editing teams.

Our top priorities when developing PUV2 was to improve overall quality and consistency in editing, reduce the time it takes to place an order and improve customer service. Below is a quick list of the major new changes that makes this possible in PUV2:

– New dedicated editor teams
– New monthly subscription based editing model
– BackUp Center for cloud based storage
– 100% photographers only service
– Simplified interface and updated design
– Introduction of priority settings and rush options
– Ability to assign clients to a home address
– Improved photo and address notes
– New customizable export sizes
– Better error handling in the uploader
– New feedback and rating system
– Improved revision request interface
– Ability to tag favorite photos
– Updated account settings page
– New training & support center

The Ultimate All-in-One

Real Estate Photographer Business Platform

Grow a successful real estate photography business with PhotoUp.

At PhotoUp we are committed to building products, services and platforms that allow photographers to grow their business. PUV2 is the first of many steps we are taking over the next year to bring major improvements to the real estate photo industry.

A huge thanks to our current clients for all your input and feedback that have helped us make PhotoUp even better. Our team looks forward to hearing from you more in the future as we continue on this journey together.

If you are interested in growing your real estate photography business you can learn more about how PhotoUp works and view our pricing for more information. See examples of our work from our examples page and also on facebook.