PhotoUp is proud to announce the release of Team Manager beta, an extension of the PhotoUp editing platform that helps photographers manage associate photographers as they grow and scale their real estate photography businesses with PhotoUp.

Team Manager beta allows every PhotoUp live subscription member to invite sub-users (up to three sub-users free for individual members and unlimited free sub-users for Team members). Adding sub-users allows you to track valuable business metrics and helps you better organize your active orders, saving you more time.

One of the most exciting new features of Team Manager beta is our new white-labeled uploader. Now, when photographers invite sub-users to use PhotoUp, the sub-user will be sent to where they will see the company’s own logo and a login screen. Once logged in, the PhotoUp account is completely branded to a photographer’s company with no mention of PhotoUp. This allows photographers to feel more confident in growing their teams with the PhotoUp platform by reinforcing the strength of their own company’s branding and systems with their associate photographers.

Team Manager beta also introduces a host of new granular level permissions and order defaults for sub-users. This allows a business owner to quickly limit photo uploader functionality and order options as well as ensure all users order consistently.

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Finally, we have also added basic statistics under the new Team Usage section of the Team Manager, which allows account owners to quickly see which photographers are producing and which are not. This feature is also helpful to help manage costs on a per photographer basis.

The team Manager is currently in public beta, meaning that we are still actively developing the product and welcoming members to start using the new features in order to provide our team product feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Please send all support or feedback inquiries to

Thank you for being part of the PhotoUp community. We are excited to continue to develop new tools and features for the platform to help each member grow and scale their photography business.