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Are you looking into industrial style interior design and want to know if this decoration style is still popular?

When you think of industrial style interior design, you may first think of urban lofts that you’ll find in Soho or Bushwick. Typically, these lofts feature breezy high ceilings and open floor plans with lots of cool industrial elements. 

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about industrial style interior design. And show you how it can look in a home with the help of virtual staging.

What Is Industrial Interior Design?

Industrial style interior design
Industrial Style Interior Design

Industrial interior design is inspired by the raw feel of old factories, workshops, and warehouses. It refers to an aesthetic trend that incorporates elements from these industrial spaces. 

These spaces are often converted into lofts, where elements like the piping and ductwork are embraced or even focal points. Industrial interior design is raw but can also be warm and inviting, depending on the accents you use.

At first glance, the industrial style interior design style suits someone who appreciates complex architecture with brutal shapes and forms, coupled with smart and sleek interior design.

However, the industrial style entails so much more than that.

For instance, it’s also known for its texturally rich exposed brick, plenty of iron and metal elements, concrete materials, and natural tones.

Overall, it provides a casual atmosphere that’s relaxing to live in.

Characteristics of Industrial Style Interior Design

Industrial virtual staging style by PhotoUp
Industrial Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp

Industrial style interior design is characterized by stripped back architectural details such as bare bricks, metals, concrete, timber, and wood.  

Wear and tear is what best describes industrial decor. Roughed-up furniture that feels lived-in, plus salvaged and recycled materials, is classic industrial. 

As Kate Arends, the design professional behind the blog Wit & Delight puts it:

“Industrial style design incorporates elements of historic commercial spaces into a living space. Think building materials like steel, wood, and iron. It doesn’t hide anything behind decorative finishes, colors, or facades.”

Further, it shares qualities with modern design and other contemporary trends, as well as more rustic spaces with vintage influences. You’ll generally find dark, worn furniture, and earthly tones in a home decorated in the industrial style. 

And thanks to the red hue of the well-recognized bricks, it helps warm up the space without having to add cozy textiles.

To give you a quick overview, here are some common elements:

  • Dark, worn and rustic furniture
  • Exposed pipes and ducts
  • Rough textures in the form of wood and metal
  • Daring brick walls and concrete floors 
  • The old is merged with the new in the form of vintage furniture and contemporary accessories 
  • Radiating light fixtures
  • Earthly and natural tones 
  • Breezy high ceilings and open floor plans
  • Large, steel windows

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When Did This Design Style Originate?

Is Industrial Style Interior Design Still Popular and How Does It Look?
Industrial Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp

The industrial interior design style dates back to the early twentieth century. At the final stages of the second industrial revolution, many Western European factories closed down, leaving lots of large, vacant buildings behind.

As a result of growing cities contributing to limited spaces, these old industrial areas were converted into residential neighborhoods.

Is Industrial Style Still Trendy?

Industrial virtual staging style by PhotoUp
Industrial Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp

The industrial style, being gritty and cool, has been trending for years and is still popular. 

Even though some homeowners are being more selective in their use of metal and other industrial features, it’s still the most popular style to decorate your city loft or office space.

The mix of modern design, contemporary trends, and rustic vintage elements, makes it a style that’s here to stay.

Industrial Virtual Staging

Industrial virtual staging style draws inspiration from the industrial era with exposed beams, schematic illustrations, and darker tones with a combination of rough and smooth textures. 

It’s basically everything an old city loft should be.

For you who don’t know what virtual staging is, it’s a special computer-assisted design (CAD) process, where you add digitally designed furniture to a photo of an empty or outdated space. 

Much like traditional home staging but with digital furniture.

This powerful marketing and visualization tool helps transform any space into an inviting home that potential home buyers can imagine themselves living in. 

Virtual staging is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. First of all, it helps you cater to any market, residential as well as high-end, luxury properties.

Second of all, it’s much more cost-efficient and is generally up to 97% cheaper than traditional home staging. 

Also, in contrast to the 24-48 hours it takes to virtually stage your real estate photos, traditional home staging can take days or weeks.

Plus, regular staging with the delivery of physical furniture and decor normally costs anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000, whereas virtual staging only costs $20 per image.

Virtual staging is a powerful visualization tool that can be used to showcase how a space would look when:

  • Staged
  • Redecorated
  • Decluttered and depersonalized
  • Virtually landscaped
  • Or, even renovated

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Sell Your Home to a Higher Price With Industrial Virtual Staging

According to RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), 85% of staged homes sold for 5% to 23% percent over list price when being staged. 

So, if you want to sell your home for above market rate, digitally staging it using the industrial virtual staging style or other popular styles can help you do just that!

Best yet, PhotoUp makes it super easy to virtually stage your real estate photos at the affordable price of $20 per image.

To see how easy it is to get started, check out our virtual staging uploader video tutorial:

As simple as that!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and our professional designers will help transform your real estate photography and return your staged images in less than 48 hours.

We hope this blog post answered all your questions about industrial style interior design and whether this decor is still popular.

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