As a photographer, editing the real estate images you just took takes a lot of time and effort. That is why working with the best real estate photo editing company provides you a lot of advantages, especially if you are taking a lot of photos (2 to 10 homes per day).

Quick turnaround time, convenience, customized editing—these are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you outsource your photos to a top photo editing company.

Even during your busiest days, you’ll be able to deliver images to your clients the next day with no interruptions in service. You’ll no longer spend hours in front of your computer at night editing images, while your friends go out for drinks from your family gathers together to watch a movie.

Additionally, you enjoy more competitive pricing than an in-house editor, which is an important element to consider if you are operating on a limited budget.

But like all business relationships, it is essential that both you and your editing team have a clear line of communication. Doing so will result in better images, faster turnaround and happier clients.

1. Set expectations.

Understand your editor’s capabilities, limitations, terms, and conditions. Your editing company should also understand what you want and what they can do to help you achieve your goals. Through mutual understanding and recognition of each other’s expectations, you can stand on an amicable ground/agreement wherein both of you will be happy.

2. Be patient.

Mutually beneficial relationships take time to develop; there’s no shortcut. Be patient the team from the editing company frequently asks you about your shooting styles, photo specifications, and more. They need to learn your specific style and preferences so they can turn out the right results. Supply the team the information that they ask for the best you can.

Note that everything is not going to be perfect right away, especially during the first few edits. Provide the team with lots of feedback. Remember that the company is doing this so they will be able to deliver the best results possible.

Also, you need to realize that your editing is not you. It took you some time to get as good as you are. In the same manner, it will take a while for your editing team to get to be as good as you.

3. Be specific about what you want your editor do.

When you want something done, be specific. Messages such as “Please improve this” or “I don’t like this” won’t help an editor. Be specific on what you want and use industry-related, technical, or artistic terminologies. Comments such as “This section lacks contrast,” “The wall’s color is too warm,” or “Please reduce the noise at the lower right corner” are better because they give the editor a clear direction on what you actually want.

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4. Know and understand what you want.

You cannot give clear, specific instructions to the editing team if you don’t understand have basic knowledge about editing language and terminology. Devote some time to study photo editing—we recommend that you even do some photo editing on your own. Do you know what bracketed images are? Are you familiar with other image file formats? Knowing and understanding the technicalities of the industry enables you to communicate clearly with your editing team, enjoy a faster turnaround time, and receive the results you want.

5. Editors are not machines.

Creative tasks such as photo editing are not left entirely to software and automated systems. You can’t expect a machine to be creative, imaginative, or make ingenious decisions on its own (yet). A human touch is always needed, and photo editors—we assure you—are completely human! They commit mistakes, have bad days, and need motivation. Recognize the humanness of your editors and help set them up for success. Always remember that at the end of the day, they want to make you happy and you both get to share in success whenever a great batch of images is delivered.

Outsourcing the editing aspect of your work to professional editors, like PhotoUp, will surely be a benefit to your business. You’ll spend more time on shooting homes, closing deals, being with your family and friends, enjoying your hobbies, and more!

(Photos by: Marben Kristian Lawas)