At PhotoUp, our goal is to help real estate photographers grow their businesses by utilizing our scalable photo editing solution. We offer a real estate photo editing service that allows our clients to spend less time editing photos, and more time doing what they love.

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We often get asked questions about our photo editing service and why we chose to create a real estate photo editing business. In our work with real estate photographers, real estate agents, and potential home owners, we have found some very telling information about the industry.

  • The need for real estate photography is growing. The need for real estate photography is growing. Real estate agents are realizing that professional photography increases the chances of selling homes quickly. Professional real estate photography is now becoming the norm in the real estate industry as technology and interactive listing websites make it easier for potential buyers to view potential new homes on their home computer or mobile device.  This has become apparent due to large number of real estate listings that are now using professional real estate photography. We have also noticed an increase in the number of real estate photographers establishing themselves across the US, Australia, and Europe.
  • Real estate photographers can only shoot and edit 3-4 homes per day. Real estate photographers quickly learn that they hit a ceiling when trying to grow their business. After speaking with our clients, a typical real estate photographer, working alone,  can only shoot and edit between 3-4 homes per day (5+ hours photographing and 4+ hours editing). With PhotoUp, our real estate photographers are able to let us handle the editing, freeing up time for them to be able to photograph more homes and continue to grow their business.
  • Real estate photographers are looking for a quality, timely, and cost effective solution. With the growing need for professional real estate photography and the growing number of real estate photographers out there, it only made sense for us to provide a service that offered a scalable solution. With PhotoUp, real estate photographers are able to continue delivering their clients top quality photos in a timely fashion at an affordable rate. PhotoUp’s editing team works directly with each client to figure out their customized style and process of editing real estate photos. We pride ourselves on helping our current clients grow their businesses and get their time back.

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Want more information about PhotoUp and specific examples of how some of our clients have used PhotoUp to grow their businesses? Contact us today to find our more! You can also check this PDF file about 10 Tips for Getting Started at PhotoUp. We look forward to hearing from you.