At PhotoUp, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible platform to help photographers grow their businesses. For most real estate photographers out there, this means that they would grow from shooting 1-2 homes per day to being able to shoot 4-6 homes per day, due to the amount of time that they save without having to edit their photos.

But what happens when the one-man real estate photographer continues to grow beyond this level? How are they able to grow their real estate photography business once they have been maxed out and have to begin turning down shoots because there just isn’t enough time in the day to shoot another home?

At PhotoUp, we talked to our clients who have gone through a similar situation and asked them how they continued to grow after all of their personal time and been maxed out. The solution was actually fairly simple. Hire a second photographer. Then hire a third. Then hire a fourth.

We have seen multiple clients utilize PhotoUp’s system so well that they have been able to grow from a one-man real estate photographer that edits out of their home office, to a company of 5+ photographers all working out of a central office under one company name and brand.

One such photographer is Dave Davis, one of PhotoUp’s founding members who has been with PhotoUp for over 2 years. Dave is now the CEO of DMD Real Estate Photography based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Dave had this to say about using PhotoUp to help him grow his business;

“When I started using PhotoUp, it was just me. Now, I’ve been able to grow my business to have three additional photographers and I’m in the process of interviewing a fourth. I’ve been able to expand my market to start shooting other areas outside of Anchorage.”

As our clients continue to grow, so do PhotoUp’s service offerings. Since we are seeing more and more clients, like Dave, that are growing their businesses beyond their own personal limits, we felt the need to provide them with ways to bring on associate photographers and add them to their existing plan with PhotoUp. Hence, the PhotoUp Team Plans were created.

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Our newest feature to the PhotoUp Subscription Plans is the ability to add associate photographers to your current subscription plan. By adding an associate photographer, you are able to create a new customized style, have your associate photographers upload directly through your own website, and review all of the post-processed images your associate photographer shoots before sending them off to your clients.

This new feature to the PhotoUp system will allow clients to more easily integrate associate photographers into the PhotoUp system as they continue to grow their business. Individual Plans come with the option to add one additional associate photographer and all Team Plans have the ability to add an unlimited number of associate photographers.

At PhotoUp, we are here to help real estate photographers grow their businesses and love to hear what features and ideas you have that could help you grow your business. If you have an idea or feature you would like to see added to the PhotoUp system, please email us at and let us know. We would love to hear from you!