Written by Ossie, Director of Culture at PhotoUp

Within the last few months, the PhotoUp team has been heavily involved in helping Banilad Elementary School with the restoration and beautification of some of its buildings. For our latest project, we’ve coordinated with the school principal regarding their need to have the handrail replaced on their main building.

The handrail looked like it was almost about to fall off it’s mounts. Some parts have been so corroded by rust, looking at it would almost already give you a tetanus infection. Needless to say, it posed a huge threat and health risk to the students and faculty that regularly go up and down the main building’s entrance.

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It took about two weeks total for the project to be completed. This involved 19 volunteers from PhotoUp, and a volunteer from the school’s Parent-Teacher’s Association. We helped with cutting steel pipes, grinding and sanding steel baseplates, and with drilling on the concrete. The welding was done by the volunteer parent. After the welding assembly, the handrail was attached and the old one was removed.

Overall, this project has allowed us to impact the 1840 students that are in the school. We have removed a health risk from their building. The new handrail was also painted from the school and made the main building more visually appealing.