In this article, we take a deep dive into the various reasons you should consider building a single property website for your new listing.

When you visit an art gallery, you take it for granted that they will display their best, most valuable work on a wall all by itself. Even though they have space for more pieces on that wall, galleries understand that a single piece on a wall draws attention, allows the viewer to focus on it, and it conveys a sense of real exclusivity.

The same goes for a car showroom – the best vehicles are displayed front and center so they can be viewed in isolation and not lost in an endless sea of other cars.

That kind of psychology is very much at work when you dedicate the time, effort, and expense to building a single property website to showcase a premium listing. It lends an aura of value, wealth, and exclusivity to the property. If it’s a well-made website, then the viewer should feel like they’ve stumbled on a rare gem, as opposed to one of many average properties that anyone can view on common property listing websites like Zillow or Trulia.

Of course, online property listing sites can be useful for casual buyers who are hoping to stumble upon something that they like. But the problem is that:

  1. All the listings are being placed into the template view so they rapidly lose their ability to stand out from other listings. SO…
  2. After a while, all listings start to look the same.

At the same time, there are many distractions on a property listing sites which are designed to keep you on the site and scrolling through.

With a single property website, you can keep your visitor on-site longer, take them on a journey through the house, and give them more detail about the property that they can’t get from the cookie-cutter listing templates.
In doing so, you’ll also have the opportunity to gather contact details from interested buyers, begin building nurturing that relationship, and eventually turn their interest into a sale!

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5 Benefits You’ll Get From a Single Property Website

5 Benefits You’ll Get From a Single Property Website

What benefits can you expect when you take the time to build a single property website?

There are five principal areas where you can expect a measurable improvement.

  • Increased Listing Exposure and SEO – A single property website can help you get more exposure and increase the SEO of your listing. Compared to a listing on an aggregated site, your single property website has its own URL and keywords that will help your listing stand out on the internet.
  • Increasing Leads for Real Estate Agents – Make sure that the single property website builder you use has an integrated CRM that captures the contact details of interested prospects and delivers them to you via a simple system. By doing this, you can passively build up a great email and phone database of current interested buyers and future clients.
  • Easy and Cost-Effective Marketing Tool – Today’s website builders have come a long way. Using templates, drag-and-drop features, and cloud-based systems to do most of the work. This means that creating a single property website is easier, cheaper, and more effective than it’s ever been before.
  • Additional Real Estate Marketing Tools – Some of the best website builders today integrate with Facebook and Instagram to allow you to create social media content that will extend your reach and help you to target a new market at the same time.
  • Increase Selling Price – The allure of exclusivity and value that your property exudes when it has its own website means there’s a good chance you will be able to fetch a higher price than you normally would on a general listing website.

So, if you’re selling a property that you’re excited about, don’t just bundle throw it out on the internet with everybody else. Think of a single property website as an opportunity to really stretch your creativity and create something distinctive that will stand out and attract real, interested buyers.

More and more real estate marketing tools are coming online to allow agents to market their listings in new ways; for example, 3D tours and virtual staging give agents the flexibility to offer a truly immersive experience for buyers.
With the ease of use and affordability of this new crop of real estate marketing tools, there really is no excuse not to create a distinctive and beautiful single property website for your real estate portfolio.

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