Today PhotoUp is proud to introduce BackUp Center. BackUp Center is a cloud based photo backup service which allows clients to automatically archive their original and final edited images uploaded to PhotoUp. BackUp Center is live and available today for all client accounts.

Every PhotoUp client account receives a tiered level of free photo storage upon signup ranging from 10GB to 240GB. Each time a client exceeds their storage level (free or paid) and has BackUp Center activated, their account will be assigned another 100GB storage block.

We are also pleased to announce BackUp Center is available for only $7.99 per month for each 100GB storage block which exceeds a plan’s free storage.

BackUp Center also comes with settings to control how long you wish to keep photos. You may archive photos forever or from one to five years. Additionally, clients can choose to backup any combination of original raw images, full resolution edited images and additional export sizes of edited images as desired.

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If a client has not activated BackUp Center, once the free storage level is reached, photo addresses will be permanently removed from their account starting with the oldest addresses first until the account storage level drops below the free storage level.

BackUp Center is a month-to-month on demand service which can be discontinued or put on hold at any time. Billing is based on your max storage needs on any given month.

So for example, if your account needed 140GB of additional paid storage, you would be charged for two 100GB storage blocks for a total of $15.98 per month.

Now, only with BackUp Center, you can have all your photos securely stored off-site, accessible anywhere, anytime via the PhotoUp cloud with no need to upload any additional files.

The PhotoUp team is excited to be taking another step forward with BackUp Center to help real estate photographers build scalable, profitable and balanced businesses.