Top Drones for Real Estate Photography

By Devon Higgins

Aerial photos are the now the in-thing in real estate photography. With high-quality drones, real estate photographers can produce stunning aerial stills and videos of a property without spending a fortune in actually riding a helicopter.

If you want to up your game and get ahead of other real estate photographers, you should consider offering real estate aerial photography to realtors and property owners. And with that, you should have a high-quality drone to help you get those awesome shots.

Here are some of the best drones for real estate photography, according to Drones Globe.

1. DJI Mavic Air

What’s cool about it

  • compact, portable, and foldable. It is nearly the size of a paperback when folded.
  • ultra high definition 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal for ultra clear videos and HD photos
  • 3 MP Sphere Panoramas and photo stitching of up to 25 images
  • smart processor and new HDR algorithms automatically adjust exposure settings according to present lighting conditions
  • various flight and shooting modes such as TapFly, Smart Capture, Quickshots, and more
  • 3 directional environmental sensing capability and advanced VIO technology allows the drone to detect and bypass obstacles while providing stable flight and precise hovering
  • can store up to 8GB of files internally

2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

What’s cool about it

  • 5 directions of obstacle sensing capability thanks to advanced sensors
  • 20 megapixel camera with huge sensor. Sensor is 4 times larger than that of the GoPro Hero 5’s.
  • 4K 60 FPS video recording capability
  • camera is equipped with mechanical shutter to eliminate rolling shutter distortion
  • GPS, follow-me, image stabilization, and other cool features
  • Video downlink capable

3. DJI Mavic Pro

What’s cool about it

  • lightweight, foldable, and compact
  • Full HD 1080p camera features GPS and GLONASS for pinpoint accuracy
  • has a range of 7 kilometers
  • Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy Technology allows the aircraft to hover precisely in various environments.
  • An anti-collision feature which allows you to spot obstacles as far as 49 feet from the front
  • compatible with FPV Goggles

4. Yuneec Tornado H920

What’s cool about it

  • 6 rotors and propellers for an extremely stable flight
  • powerful enough to carry a Panasonic GH4 mirrorless camera (7 kgs)
  • made of light but strong carbon fiber with aluminum casework
  • retractable landing gear
  • ST24 transmitter and controller features an integrated Android device
  • one motor failure survivability

5. Xiro Explorer

What’s cool about it

  • Built-in 1080P HD camera
  • Real-time preview
  • Sleek, modular, and easy-to-assemble design
  • 3-axis gimbal to completely eliminate vibrations caused by wind or drone movements
  • Range of 500 to 1,000 meters, depending on the model
  • Multi-awarded design
  • Can fly up to 45 miles per hour

Do you want to level up your real estate photography business? Literally? Then purchase and learn how to pilot these high-tech drones. Remember that stunning aerial photos, coupled with professional real estate photo editing, surely captivate and attract property buyers and real estate agents.



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