The PhotoUp Story

Our company is built around the basic concept that we can achieve more together than apart. Our story is one of partnership, innovation, and empowering individuals and communities.

The story of PhotoUp begins in the snowy landscape of Anchorage, Alaska, where the paths of a professional real estate photographer and a realtor-turned-web entrepreneur collided and an idea for a business was born. Together, they began asking the questions: What if real estate photographers could grow their business by spending less time editing their photos and more time out photographing homes? What if, instead of spending their nights and weekends editing, that time could be spent with their families and building a better life?

Six Months Later

Six months and hundreds of hours later, a state of the art and simple to use online application was created and in January 2013, PhotoUp went live. The premise was simple – a service built for real estate photographers to outsource the editing of their photos to a highly trained team of editors, with a simple to use online application, quick turn around times, and great edits. But here is where the story takes an interesting turn.

Elsewhere around this same time in Colorado, another story was starting to take shape. This was the story of a social entrepreneur with a background in international non-profit development, particularly in the nation of the Philippines. His determination to utilize the incredible creative and leadership potential he witnessed in the young people of the Philippines is what led his story to collide with the newly started PhotoUp story. Together, they began to ask more questions: What if we could build a company that gave these young people an opportunity to use and develop these creative passions? What if we could create a safe and ethical workplace right in their own community, and a way to earn and save towards achieving their goals? What if we could build an outsourcing company that was equally beneficial for its employees as those it was serving?

The Present

Today, PhotoUp is a multi-national company whose mission is to help photographers build a healthy business through innovative impact sourcing. We work with photographers around the world who send us their photos to be edited by our team of editors in the Philippines. Working on a quick turn around time and small teams of editors assigned to each of the photographers we work with, we aim to provide a highly customized experience for our clients as well as high quality results on their photos. It is also our aim to make a difference in the lives of those we employ in the Philippines by providing a workplace that is invested in their growth as individuals and leaders in their communities. Through impact sourcing, we can provide opportunity to highly creative and skilled young people in developing nations such as the Philippines through internet-based jobs such as photo editing.

Currently specializing in real estate photography and commercial masking, we hope to grow our team to expand to new areas of photography to help even more photographers in the near future.

Our Team

The realtor-turned-web entrepreneur, from the beginning of our story? That’s Kristian. Over the course of 2013, he’s built up his team in North America to include Chris (the social entrepreneur) and Dave & Jenn (our resident photographers and creative directors). Our team in the Philippines now includes over 100 staff members in the city of Cebu in the Southeastern region of the country. Together, all of us here at PhotoUp are continuing to ask those ‘what if’ questions, to dream big and practically put those dreams to action to help create a better world for those we work with and for.

Only the Beginning

The story of PhotoUp is ever growing and we are excited about where we’re moving next. Thank you for wanting to know more about our company. You can stay in touch with our team on our blog or on facebook and twitter.