Meet & Greet

Let's meet! Or at least chat via skype, google hangout or a good old fashion phone call. We believe every great partnership starts with relationship.
Our USA based teams wants to learn about you, your business and how we can best meet your needs. There is no obligation and no in-your-face sales pitch, just real people who care about helping you save time and achieve your goals.

Style Profile

To get started you will fill out an in-depth questionnaire regarding your editing workflow, style and preferences. On average this takes 30 minutes to complete.
Additionally, you will send 4-6 final edited images you have already delivered to clients for our editors to reference.
This information, combined with a quick phone interview with our creative director allows us to create your intial editing style profile and move into the test period.

Test Period

In this step we have every new test member upload a minimum of three sets of five test images (must be non-live) over a period of one week.
After we finish editing each set of images, you will have a chance to rate the overall batch and give detailed feedback on each image as well as request revisions.
This will allow our team to hone in on your personal editing style as well as orientate you to the PhotoUp uploader and user dashboard.
Test Period

Refinement Period

After the test period, you have the option to choose a membership plan and move onto a live editing team. Your live editing team consists of six editors who will each be trained on the style profile we created during the test period.
We assign your account to a team of six editors to ensure we can offer both consistently fast turn-around times and so we always have backup if an editor is out sick or on vacation.
Having a team, however, requires time for training. While most images will be acceptable immediately, most client give extra feedback and gain notable synergies with their editors for the first 30 to 60 days after going live.


Welcome to the PhotoUp community! At this point you have joined the hundreds of real estate photographers who have found their solution to a happy and healthier business.
You can upgrade, downgrade or move your account to on-demand memebership at any time, helping you manage your costs in the up and down cycles of your business.
Plus, with PhotoUp, you have a dedicated USA support team ready to assist you at any time.
Refinement Period

Scaling Plan

We have two major goals for every member who joins PhotoUp. The first is to ensure you have a high-quality, scalable editing platform, giving you time back in your evenings. The second is to help you grow your business and build a small team, helping you reach and exceed your financial goals.
After you become a member, our USA team will work with you to establish a yearly growth plan. We will assist you with industry best practices and can advise you on the best models other photographers are using to grow their teams.
Scaling Plans

Policy Overview

Over the past several years, we have listened to our members closely to craft both a terms-of-service and general operating policies that are transparent and a win-win.
Additionally, we take careful measures to securely handle, process, store and deliver all your photos and personal information.
At the end of the day, what we really care about is taking care of each and every one of our clients and being a platform for your success.
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